How One Genetic Variant Could Ward Off Weight Gain

A new study reveals a genetic variant in the GIP receptor that may help resist obesity by altering metabolism. Mice with this variant processed sugar more efficiently and remained leaner. This finding, alongside the observation that the variant influences insulin release, opens new avenues for obesity treatment, emphasizing the importance of understanding genetic differences in response to weight loss medications.

A study by Weill Cornell Medicine shows a genetic variant in the GIP receptor could aid in obesity resistance by enhancing metabolism and

The images of insulin-producing beta cells show GIP receptors Q354 variant (green), the Golgi Network (magenta) and the nucleus (blue). Left: GIP receptors are localized at the plasma membrane surrounding the cell. Right: After the receptor binds the GIP hormone, it moves inside the cell to the Golgi Network. Credit: Weill Cornell Medicine

Genetic Variants of the GIP Receptor

Genetic variants are differences in Related

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