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Zoom: Walnut Knowledge Solutions co-founder swears by Zoom as the best virtual conference app

Raghav Chakravarthy, co-founder of Walnut Knowledge Solutions in the first days of the lockdown, was overwhelmed with burnout with enough screen time. So technology became a blessing and a curse. But over time, he developed a means of mindfully reducing intrusion. He’s still looking for a real shutdown, it was difficult.

“The two devices I just can’t live without are my laptop and my phone. I use them a lot for work. I can live without them, though, I’ve done it before, during my hikes and meditation retreats. But those Work requires that I use at least one of them extensively, “he says.

Play phone

“The phone I’m currently using is the OnePlus 5T. It’s simple and functional. It has a facial recognition feature to unlock the phone, and that’s pretty cool. I’m not plugged into the phone. I try to set certain times off.” The day I keep all notifications on silent mode to do the most important tasks of the day. The constant checking of the phone wears you out and gets our already distracted monkey brains going, “he says.

“My most recent purchase is a pair of OnePlus wireless noise-canceling headphones. I wanted headphones that didn’t dangle cords on my morning walks. They were very useful for listening to my favorite podcasts and music on my walks,” he said.

Chakravarthy uses YouTube for meditation and videos, Spotify for music, OneNote for notes, WhatsApp for communication, EReader app / Kindle app for reading eBooks, OTT platforms – Netflix, Prime and Hotstar – to watch movies / TV shows.

At work, he relies on the collaboration of Microsoft Teams for Office, Microsoft Outlook for email, and the Zoom app – he’s really been a lifesaver during these troubled times.

Tap the app

“Even if the one who overused it zoomed in on their fate. To me, this is still the best video conferencing app out there. Lately I’ve also started sending voice notes to myself on WhatsApp, those of me Co-founder Sachin is recommended. I find it useful to reflect quickly and play it later for clarity, “he says.

Chakravarthy doesn’t use a smartwatch – he still likes the old simple analog watch. “I use a Mi Fitness Band to keep track of how many calories and kilometers I covered on my way. It held me accountable for taking at least 10,000 steps a day and increasing it to 15,000 in some days,” says he.

He bought a UPS for his router, it was incredibly useful. “Even when there is no power, my devices never lose data because they are always connected to the cloud. I use the Keep app to get reminders. Otherwise, I use OneNote to plan the day. I was I was lucky enough to have a quiet spot in my room, with my table and window and a view of a tree nearby. I was able to get along with the mute button on occasion when a plane is flying over me or when a couple of kids are in make noise in a nearby building. I don’t use headphones very often, “he finishes.

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