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Yoga teachers seeking to have Yoga deemed an essential service during Level 3

It could be an important change for many people.

The official launch of the Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers (IFYT) will take place on Saturday 28th November. The start is intended to raise awareness of the importance of yoga as health support for people during this period and beyond.

Yoga offers meditation and mindful movement techniques that can reduce stress and improve general wellbeing. Obviously, this is something that more and more people want to be a part of in 2020. However, with level 3 restrictions, yoga classes are not considered an “essential service”. and therefore not open.

The IFYT issued the following statement that this should change:

“The yoga industry in Ireland has been crushed with the restrictions necessary to control Covid19. While many independent yoga teachers and studios were quick to rise to the challenge and become ‘tech geeks’ overnight creating online courses and classes, many were unable to do this. ” do this.

“Now Irish yoga, teacher, studio and yoga entrepreneurs have come together with a common voice that expresses the value and importance of yoga at this time. Many studies confirm the mental and physical health benefits of yoga, that the Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers seeks to consider yoga an essential service during Level 3 of the Covid19 lockdown restrictions. “

On Saturday there are a full day of free online classes from independent teachers and yoga studios across the country. You can find all details about the different classes here.

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