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Kimberly Mertz (photo provided)

SPENCER – A new yoga business is now available in the Spencer area, offering services on a freelance rather than a stationary studio basis.

Kimberly Mertz started Yoga in Session a few months ago after finding inspiration while completing her yoga teacher training at Full Circle Yoga in Parkersburg.

“The name comes from the idea of ​​a door hanger that a company cannot disrupt when offering on-site services.” Said Mertz.

The idea is that instead of going to yoga, the class comes to you. During her studies, she came across a book about how to accommodate the person so that yoga practice could be tailored to suit them.

For example, Mertz recently led a class in a dental practice for her employees.

“Then came the mission to share yoga with people of different accessibility, just by meeting them where they are.” Said Mertz. Yoga in Session is partnering with PATCH 21 to offer yoga as an option for an after-school activity for students.

“We want to be able to serve companies or organizations. You can always contact us and plan something. “ Said Mertz.

All the necessary materials such as yoga mats and relaxing eye pillows are portable and can easily be moved from place to place.

The website provides information on upcoming courses, frequently asked questions and contact information.

Mertz has some advice to help children practice yoga at home while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 crisis. She emphasized that yoga is not just a physical activity; it’s mental too.

“It is very easy to get overwhelmed with thoughts of the unknown future while worries and worries are part of our nature. Worries and worries are always in the back of the mind; Yoga brings us back to the moment. “ Said Mertz.

She suggests taking free yoga classes online.

“There are a lot of great options that are free, like videos with a teacher doing a yoga class or activities.” Said Mertz.

She believes that yoga can be calming for children, especially since they cannot exercise or engage in other activities after school.

“Activities at home can be easily integrated” Said Mertz.

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