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Yoga most popular wellness retreat in the UK during Covid-19

Yoga is the most popular type of wellness retreat in the UK

Yoga is the most popular type of wellness holiday in the UK, research by camper van rental company Camptoo has shown, as health vacations are the trips to be booked through classic vacation destinations this year due to the pandemic.

Online searches of yoga-based retreats in the UK increased 890% from January to April 2020, while searches for “meditation retreats” also increased significantly over the past year, the report said. Many believe the wellness industry will boom again this year after restrictions on coronavirus lockdowns were eased starting next month.

Interest in “activity camps” near home also rose 928% last year, and search volume for “wellness retreats” increased 81% from 2019 to 2020, the report said. This is related to the continued interest in wellness retreats in general, as online searches for the term have increased 1,605% since 2015.

Meanwhile, online searches for “camping retreats”, “hiking” and “biking” have also increased significantly as UK consumers look for retreats based on outdoor activities.

“The industry was booming before the lockdown last year and while we were locked away we can see that craze has not let up. With everyone desperately trying to get out of their homes, this is the perfect time to check out the great outdoors, “said Ed Bassett, Camptoo’s head of wanderlust.

“Activity-based vacations are among the fastest growing in the industry, and there has never been a more exciting time to take part in them. The benefits of a wellness retreat are endless, but we really believe that adding activities in the UK – whether kayaking, hiking, surfing, wild swimming, climbing or mountain biking – will take that experience to the next level. “

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