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ESenEM Yoga is a new store that opened in the Aspen Place Shopping Center in late 2015.

The company has been a dream of owner Steve Glacy for some time, and he is responsible for its name, a phonetic pronunciation for S and M that stands for “sweat and exercise,” said Abby Chan, who helped open the health center.

It has a mission. “We’re working to make yoga accessible to everyone of all ages, and we’re working to create a community for healthy living,” she said.

His motto? Feel better. To look better. Be better

“As soon as people walk through the door, they are greeted by a place where they can expect an amazing experience every time,” she said. “You enter through this veil as a break from the rest of your day.”

From there, students roll out their mats and prepare for class.

“You will get a fun workout led by a great instructor,” she said.


Jordan Pletzer is a student and part-time receptionist in the studio and says she loves taking classes there. “I think this is a wonderful place because it gives everyone a sense of community and an exit from everyday stress.”

The new store officially opened on Friday November 1st.

“Before that, we gave two weeks of free classes,” said Chan. “We started with a Halloween costume yoga.”

Chan was a zebra with rainbow hair. Among the other costumes were Spiderman and a man in Lululemon clothing who came as yoga girls.

“It was weird,” she said.

Chan runs the studio together with Danielle Sazio. All of the main managers and instructors have practiced yoga across the country. “We feel welcome and people are very happy that we are here.”

It took time to build the space from scratch and make everything as green as possible, from building materials to heaters that make hot yoga hot. Switching on the heating and the humidifier promotes the strength and endurance of the heart.

“This allows the muscles to warm up so you can go deeper in all of your poses,” she said.

“The studio has full showers and everything you need to go to class and get back to work.”

The studio also has a retail component that sells a variety of top yoga brands and a range of its own merchandise.

ESenEM Yoga is open seven days a week and first class is free. Yoga packages start at $ 16.

It is located in the Aspen Place Mall near Whole Foods and REI at 320 S. Regents Street, Suite 306. For more information, call 928-440-6220 or visit It can also be contacted through Facebook and Instagram. FBN

By Patty McCormac

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