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Would you like a little salsa dancing with that community wellness vibe? Check out Bella Vita

MANCHESTER, NH – As I approached Hannaford in the East Side Plaza for some last-minute dinner ingredients Monday night I noticed something completely different — one of the empty storefronts was lit-up and dance music was pouring from the open door. Inside a small group of students were in the midst of learning some fancy dance steps.

I couldn’t resist, so I took a photo and a quick video. Then, picked up some vegetables, chicken, apple cider donuts and beer. (You eat dinner your way, I’ll eat it mine!)

After shopping I made my way back toward the dance studio to find the door had been closed, but to my good fortune the action was still happening and popped out Bella Vita Dance Academy manager Michelle Barbeau, who wondered if I wanted more information so I could get my dance on.

That’s when I had another quick video moment, and conducted the interview above which will give you a bit more information about this lovely addition to our neighborhod.

I discovered it was Bella Vita’s inaugural dance lesson session at his new home, after moving from its previous location on Commercial Street.

Watch the video. Check out their website. Sign up for classes. Seize the day! It’s more than dancing, says Barbeau. It’s about community wellness, exercise, yoga, meditation, retreats and wellbeing.Bella Vita Dance Academy has relocated to 849 Hanover St., East Side Plaza, in Manchester. Photo/Carol Robidoux

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