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This healthy gluten-free vegetarian pizza is topped with a variety of vegetables and nutrients, making it an excellent mix of nutritious and delicious!

If you’re looking for a satisfying way to incorporate more veggies into your day, this is an easy way!

Not only can you top your pizza with a mix of several vegetables that will provide you with a variety of nutrients, but making homemade pizza can make the process a little more enjoyable.

This recipe is a combination of some of our favorite ingredients that taste great together to inspire you. This template allows you to make the gluten free vegetarian pizza recipe your own using the vegetables, sauce and cheese that you prefer!

Use the Foundational Five to make a healthy gluten-free vegetarian pizza

A Foundational Five Nourish Meal is a meal that includes all 5 elements of our Foundational Five system: non-starchy carbohydrates, starchy carbohydrates, healthy fat, protein, and the flavor factor.

The Foundational Five will help you nourish your physical body so you can learn what to eat. This is the first step in mindful eating. The rest is knowing how to eat and how to positively experience your food.

By including these 5 elements in your gluten-free vegetarian pizza, you are supporting your physical body on a cellular level and making sure that you are depleting the nutrients you need for sharp focus, calm digestion, lasting energy, healthy sleep, and vibrant long-term health.

Here are the following five basic elements in this gluten-free vegetarian pizza (as always, you will be encouraged to make this your own by adjusting to your individual preferences following the guidelines of the basic five):

1 • Non-starchy carbohydrate

2 • Starchy carbohydrate

  • Simple mills almond flour pizza batter mix

3 • Healthy fat

  • Olives
  • olive oil
  • Cheese of your choice (we love homemade almond ricotta)

4 • protein

  • Tempeh crumbles
  • Hemp seeds

5 • Taste factor

  • Any additional spices and herbs
  • Tomato sauce

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