Vegan smoky cashew queso dip

Spice up your next snack session with this deliciously submersible Vegan Smoky Cashew Queso Dip!

At this point, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of snacks here at NS. We also believe that the best healthy snacks have recipes that not only taste delicious, but also check out some of the nutritional boxes. The use of lightly toasted raw cashew nuts and almond milk gives this Smoky Cashew Queso Dip a protein boost.

Finding substitutes for dairy products is not always easy. Especially when it comes to mimicking the texture of a perfectly creamy cheese sauce. At home, we personally tried numerous store-bought options, most of which were filled with additional oil and preservatives.

Adding a few tablespoons of yeast gives you a big boost in B vitamins while adding that perfect “cheesy” flavor. The real trailblazer was a recipe by the chef and author Kenji López-Alt, in which he used a potato to improve the texture. Once cooked, the natural starches of the potato give this dip a smooth “cheesy” texture without the use of dairy products.

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