Twin Health is raising $ 140 million for Series C to scale the digital full-body twin for the reversal and prevention of chronic metabolic diseases

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Twin Health, maker of precision health care service Whole Body Digital Twin ™, today announced a $ 140 million Series C funding to extend its service in the United States and expand worldwide.

Founded in 2018, Twin Health invented the Whole Body Digital Twin ™ to reverse and prevent chronic metabolic diseases while improving energy levels and physical health. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Whole Body Digital Twin ™ is a dynamic representation of each individual’s unique metabolism created from thousands of data points collected daily via non-invasive wearable sensors and self-reported preferences. The Whole Body Digital Twin ™ is a predictive model that provides patients and their healthcare providers with customized nutrition, sleep, activity, and breathing guidance that helps reverse and prevent multiple chronic metabolic disorders.

“We are all gifted with a body. If given a chance, it can heal itself. Our Whole Body Digital Twin ™ lives by your side – it gives you an insight into your wonderfully complex biology, continuously learns your metabolism and tells you what you can do right now to improve your health, ”said Jahangir Mohammed, Founder and CEO of Twin Health.

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Chronic metabolic diseases are widespread and on the rise. The global prevalence of metabolic syndrome is estimated to be 20-25%. Globally, 415 million people live with diabetes, and by 2040 more than 500 million will have diabetes, according to the CDC.

Chronic metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes can begin when a person’s metabolism breaks down over time. Medical research has shown that each person’s metabolism functions uniquely, posing significant challenges to the understanding and ability of healthcare providers to customize treatment for each individual. For the first time, the Whole Body Digital Twin ™ addresses this complexity using cutting edge technology and advanced medical science to deliver personalized, accurate, and timely insights with recommendations on how to correct the cause.

Twin Health’s service is an all-inclusive program consisting of multiple sensors, including continuous glucose monitors and fitness watches, comprehensive blood tests and the development of the individualized Whole Body Digital Twin ™ for each member, as well as consultations with health care providers and twin coaches. Whole Body Digital Twin ™ technology continuously monitors an individual’s health and enables healthcare providers and twin coaches to take quick action. An easy-to-use app provides patients and their care team with individual, precise and timely instructions on nutrition, sleep, activity and breathing. Healthcare providers can access organized biomarker data and drug reduction recommendations for their patients to reverse chronic illness. The twin service is available today through partner programs such as employer benefits or health insurance companies.

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