Traumatic brain injury increases the risk of future strokes

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HealthDay News – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is an independent risk factor for stroke. This is evident from an online review published April 4 in the International Journal of Stroke.

Grace M. Turner, Ph.D., of the University of Birmingham in the UK, and colleagues conducted a systematic literature review to investigate the association between TBI and stroke risk.

Based on 18 included studies (2,606,379 participants from four countries), the researchers found that TBI patients had a significantly increased risk of stroke compared to controls (pooled hazard ratio, 1.86). The risk of stroke can be highest in the first four months after TBI, but can remain significantly increased for up to five years after TBI. Regardless of the severity or subtype of TBI, the increased risk of stroke remains. After TBI, the risk of stroke can be reduced by vitamin K antagonists and statins, but higher with certain antidepressant classes.

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“This initial four-month period should also be used by doctors to give stroke prevention medication and lifestyle advice to reduce the excessive risk of stroke associated with TBI,” Turner said in a statement.

Two authors disclosed financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

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