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The Preidlhof is celebrating the healing power of silence with five new trips

The Italian destination Spa Preidlhof in South Tyrol has been certified as a “Quiet Stay” by Quiet Parks International, a non-profit organization that has been committed to the preservation of quiet places for over 50 years.

The Preidlhof certification follows a detailed audit with measurement of noise pollution and controls to ensure that the resort promotes peace and quiet and internal and external regeneration.

In order to protect the essential need for peace and quiet and to reconnect the guests with nature and their inner world, Preidlhof has introduced five new holistic experiences – conceived by Preidlhof’s spa director and transformative wellness coach Patrizia Bortolin.

Everyone welcomes the silence and teaches guests to observe and appreciate the benefits they can have for their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

“Silence is a source of constant healing, regeneration and creativity. I have discovered its healing power on many meditation retreats, only to understand that the stillness of the mind is necessary to fully benefit from the regenerating silence of nature and vice versa. ” says Bortolin.

The new trips are available to all guests of the Preidlhof Transformational Wellness Retreats or programs and fall under the class discipline. Retreats start at € 1,292 (£ 1,099, US $ 1,543) per person.

New experiences include:

1. Scent of silence
Enjoy the tranquility of the mountain after sunset with a walk along the stream next to the Preidlhof or along the Adige. The walk is led by Bortolin and is intended to enable guests to find a feeling of inner peace through contact with nature, Vipassana meditation and introspection.

As a mindfulness and yoga nidra teacher, Bortolin has been practicing the Vipassana meditation technique for years. The practice aims to gain a deep sense of self. Other benefits of this walk include better sleep and freedom from thoughts.

2. Mindfulness in nature
Regain self-control, enjoy being in the present, and be more conscious of emotions and thoughts. The mindfulness sessions take place in the lemon garden of the Preidlhof or in the olive grove surrounded by lavender, orange trees and aromatic herbs.

Contact with the different scents, colors and sounds of nature promotes concentration, promotes relaxation, improves mood and relieves stress. An essential part of the session is the “Mediterranean ritual” with fresh herbs. Learning without words and with just gestures, smells, touch and eyes, this session helps guests enjoy nature’s “little gifts”, such as the aroma released from a pinch of rosemary.

3. Kneipp in nature
Not far from the hotel is the striking 100 meter high Partschins waterfall, which encourages guests to open their minds and let stagnant emotions run free.

Here Juraj Brezina, a quiet and contemplative therapist, accompanies the guests together with expert guides on a Kneipp experience in nature. In the treatment, first developed in the 19th century by the German abbot Sebastian Kneipp, the legs are immersed in basins with river stones up to the middle of the calf.

The water is released with a pressure that stimulates blood circulation, while the stones contribute to a natural foot massage. This practice is usually done in man-made tanks and offers even greater benefits when done in a natural setting. In addition, there are nocturnal and silent climbs along the waterfall and wild swimming in lakes and streams in enchanting places.

Accompanying guests is Irmgard Moosmair, a 73 year old with great spiritual wisdom and local guides.

4. Mindful living
In a “Mindful Living” session with Stefano Battaglia, Preidlhof’s master therapist and named one of the “Five best healers in the world” by the Tatler Spa Guide 2020, guests are instructed to live everyday life in a conscious and beneficial way for the soul.

The experience can be a tour over Lake Vernago, a sensual immersion in the forest on Monte Tramontana or the ascent of Monte Sole, depending on whether you want to see life from above and reach the summit or awaken the senses and the forest of the trees on the forest floor.

5. Apple journey
This new exclusive experience of sensory analysis takes place on the Mediterranean terrace with an enchanting view of the apple orchards around the resort. Under the direction of Norma Jean Botticelli, a young neuropsychologist and experience trainer, guests learn to taste and observe apples, for which the Vinschgau is famous, and to develop the natural intelligence of their senses. Science, experience and play combine to discover new facets of yourself and the world around us.

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