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The New Subaru WRX Is Shaping Up To Be A Failure

Subaru of America recently reported its sales figures for June 2022. Overall, it was a disappointing month, which seems to be the trend these days. On a more personal note for the brand, the American audience seems to have little interest in the all-new WRX, with fewer than 1,500 examples of finding new homes.

There is one positive note, however. In June 2022, Subaru sold 43,175 vehicles in total, a 0.7% increase over the 42,877 units it sold in June 2021. It’s a slight increase, but just seeing a plus in front of sales figures is a win in these turbulent times.

Unfortunately, the year-to-date sales are disappointing. By the end of June 2021, Subaru had sold 321,250 units. So far this year, it has only sold 263,795 vehicles. That’s a significant 17.9% decrease, and the lack of semiconductor chips and supply chain issues continue to be the main contributing factors.

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