The effects of nutritional yeast on cancer

As can the beta-glucan fiber in beer, baker’s and nutritional yeast improves wound healing and possibly cancer immunity?

mand video Benefits of nutritional yeast in cancer opens with a picture of an article titled “The Treatment of Inoperable Cancer”.It noted that “200 years ago it was observed that a certain number of malignant growths were observed after an attack by Erysipelas [a type of strep infection]”and that was 200 years before 1901 when thate items was published in The medical press. A disproportionate number of cases of spontaneous tumoryouR. Regression have followed various infections. The thought is that infection can attack the immune system so much that cancer can get caught in the crossfire. this Phenomenon can have even inspired healers from the ancient Egyptians, thousands of years ago. But you (or the ancient Egyptians) don’t know until you’ve put it to the test.

IIt wasn’t official educated, However, until 1800, as doctors started Intentionally infecting cancer patients. The most famous proponent was William Coley, known as the “father of immunotherapy” at the later Memorial Sloan Kettering. “Coley was convinced that a severe infection could reverse the cancer. It took a lot of courage, but 1891 he splashed his first [cancer] Patient with strep organisms and noticed the shrinkage of a malignant tumor. The problem, of course, is that causing infections is quite dangerous. Ttwo of his patients have died infection, however their tumors did shrink. If only we could boost the immune system without killing the patient.

actually, that’s the theory behind therapeutic cancer vaccines. Öborn such treatment that Has in practice for decades contains splash a weakened bovine tuberculosis bacterium into the bladder of people with bladder cancer to help strengthen the immune system attack, raise Long-term survival to 36 Percent as you can see in mine at 1:56 Video. Instead of getting urethra Injecting TB bacteria into a cow, Can we do something? eat that can give a boost our Immune function? I have evidence of this in my videos on combating stress-related immunosuppression and preventing common childhood infections Beta-glucans, some kind of fiber found in baker’s, brewer’s and nutritional yeastS. “Beta-glucans from yeast …are considered immunomodulatory compounds that are suggested expand the defense against infections and have anti-carcinogenic effects “-This is, possibly struggle Cancer.

Beta-glucans themselves don’t seem have a direct cytotoxic effect in terms of killing cancer cells, however she can strengthen anti-tumor immunity through activating our immune cellsas you can see in mine at 2:32 Video. If you to take freshly excised tumors from breast cancer patients, for example, and release natural killer cells loose on them they can kill a small percentage of the tumor cells. But, if you first prime number the NK cells in vitro with some yeast beta-glucans they will be about five Times more effective at killing cancer cellsas you can see in mine at 2:43 Video. What if you just eat the existenceTa-glucans, although?

Than 23 women with metastatic breast cancer given the beta-glucans in only 1/16NS of a teaspoon of nutritional yeast they experienced a 50 percent Increase in the number of white blood cells from monocytes (Part of our natural defenses) in their bloodstream and a significant increase in their activation. However, the study only lasted two weeks, and tThe clinical significance of this finding is unclear. What we want to know is if they actually live longer.

The only English-language randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with breast cancer patients and beta-glucans was Strictly speaking more of a woundHealing study. Researcher found that women who take beta-glucans cured so much faster after that Mastectomy Operation that Drain drain Hoses could be removed from the chest and armpits days earlier in some cases. This was the first clinical study using improved wound healing Orally Beta glucans. Two miscellaneous study that demonstrateed Services-one to study pediatric burns and Another investigate leg Ulcerswere carried out with currently Beta-glucan supplements those were place direct on the skin. Toptical application did not appear turning back precancerous skin lesions better than placeboas you can see in mine at 4:15 Video, Bbut that’s because of the placebo cream Even worked Good. Indeed, bOther groups showed a significant reduction. But, eEach patient in the study “acted as their own control”, meaning she apply the beta-glucan cream on one of their poorS. and the placebo cream on the other. The researchers speculated that the beta glucans applied an arm possibly absorbed into the system and helped the other arm. S.systematic effects after topical administration He hasD. was noticed before.

W.Hat effect could Orally Beta-glucans have an effect on the progression of internally Cancer? youS., oral yeast beta-glucans can cause dramatic tumor shrinkagein mice. What about people There appears to be just a human study published in English. As you can see at 5-01 in my Video, 20 Patients with advanced cancer on chemotherapy became given a betaGlucan supplement in an openLabel, uncontrolled attempt. Sixty per Cents of patients reported a feeling of well-being while taking it [beta]-Glucan and asked to continue treatment even after graduation. 40% of patients… stated that they felt less tired while taking it [beta]-Glucan. But toHose results sounds like a classic placebo effect. There was something of interest, although: “Öne patient with lymphoma and significant cervical adenopathy [enlarged lymph nodes in the neck] who postponed his standard chemotherapy by 4 weeks during the study … [beta]-Glucan alone.” Even though this one anecdotal case is intrigging, especially since there are no side effects, it is not exactly revolutionary.

In Japan there is been 22nd randomized controlled trials of beta-glucans as an adjunct cancer treatment. Researchers found that “yeast” [beta]-Glucan … can increase the effects of cancer Chemotherapy or radiation therapy and have a positive impact on survival and quality of life of cancer patients. ” Öa study, F.or example, examined to take a yeast beta-glucan supplement to prevent cancer relapse after surgery. The treated group did not have any Relapses, compared to approximately one in five in the control group. Even more fascinating was the influence of Yeast beta-glucans for Patients with inoperable, Final phase cancer. In the control group, only about 1 in 20 patients survived to the three Months, and, from six Months, all had died. In the treated group, However, most Of the patients survived more than three months-not only 1 in 20, but mostand 43 percent were still alive afterwards six Months. IIt is unclear, although, how the patients were divided the treatment and Control groups. If the subjects were not awarded that randomly Researcher can accidentally Cherry picked healthier patients for the treatment group, which might explain the results. Regardless, the be of beta glucans they used is what you would find in a single pinch of nutritional yeast that would cost less than a dime and the only side The effect would be delicious popcorn. S.o why don’t you try it?


  • Researchers have found that beta-glucan fibers in beer, baker’s and nutritional yeast “enhance the effect of chemotherapy or radiation therapy against cancer and can have a positive effect on the survival and quality of life of cancer patients”.
  • Beta-glucans from yeast have been shown to help prevent cancer relapse after surgery and may extend the survival of patients with unresectable end-stage cancer.
  • Oral beta-glucans have also been shown to improve wound healing in breast cancer patients after mastectomy, and topical beta-glucans have benefits in pediatric burns and leg ulcers.
  • Although they don’t kill cancer cells directly, beta-glucans can boost anti-tumor immunity by activating our immune cells.

If beta glucans are really that powerful, there may be concerns about that she can the immune system overstimulate in certain autoimmune diseases? Yes sir. Does nutritional yeast cause Crohn’s disease? and Is nutritional yeast healthy for everyone? for more informations.

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