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The Co-Founders of Eight Sleep Want to Optimize Your Performance (in Bed) — The Information

Matteo Franceschetti and Alexandra Zatarain spend their nights in the bed of the future.

The king-size canopy bed has gray curtains gathered at the sides and a strip of sensors that captures each sleeper’s heart rate, respiration, temperature and other vitals. It has a light bar that mimics the sunrise and a temperature control in the mattress. Franceschetti and Zatarain call it the Hyperpod, a top-secret prototype from their smart-mattress company Eight Sleeps that few outside of their engineering department have ever seen.

Within 10 minutes of my arrival at their manicured, ranch-style house in Miami Shores, Fla., the married co-founders invited me to get in. “Feel free to lie down,” Zatarain encouraged, gesturing to her side of the bed . Zatarain watched as I gingerly positioned myself on top of the sheets, her pillow cupping my head like the hands of angels. She pulled the curtains shut.

The Miami daylight disappeared in an instant, replaced by the golden glow of a light bar, installed near the back of the headboard. I felt weightless and secure, as if floating inside of a womb. “By 9 pm, it’s usually warm on my side. The light is on. It’s like your mom prepared your bed for you,” said Zatarain from outside the womb. “That’s why I slept 11 hours last night.”

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