Statin Use For Better Survival From COVID-19

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HealthDay News – According to a study published online Feb. 26 in Nature Communications, statin use prior to hospitalization has been linked to lower inpatient mortality in patients treated for COVID-19 in hospital.

Aakriti Gupta, MD, of New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center in New York City, and colleagues analyzed data from 2,626 patients enrolled with COVID-19 from February 1 to May 12, 2020 June 11 2020. Using data from electronic patient records, the authors assessed previous statin use.

The researchers found that 36.2 percent of the participants were previous statin users. In a cohort of 1,296 patients (648 statin users and 648 non-users) consistent with the propensity score, statin use was associated with a significantly lower probability of the primary endpoint of in-hospital mortality within 30 days (odds ratio 0.47) when the primary endpoint occurs 14.8 and 26.5 percent of patients taking statins and those not taking statins, respectively. The secondary endpoint of invasive mechanical ventilation after 30 days occurred in 18.6 and 21.9 percent of patients receiving statins and those not receiving statins (odds ratio, 0.76).

“If their beneficial effects are seen in randomized clinical trials, statins could potentially prove to be an inexpensive and effective therapeutic strategy for COVID-19,” a co-author said in a statement.

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