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SKY Club Organizing Session on ‘Meditation and the Brain’ by Standford lecturer Julia Tang

Julia Shepherd Tang, Senior Lecturer at Stanford University’s Wellness Education Department, will be delivering a virtual class on meditation at 2 p.m. today, Wednesday, September 8th.

In this one-hour seminar, participants will:

  • Check out the latest neuroscientific research on meditation
  • Experience powerful breathing techniques to calm the mind
  • Experience a guided meditation with a meditation expert
  • Learn tips for managing your mind and emotions
  • This also serves as an experience-based introduction to the upcoming SKY Happiness Retreat (online)

Shepherd Tang is a senior lecturer in the Wellness Education Department at Stanford University. She has also researched the effects of Sky Breathing Meditation on veterans with PTSD at the Palo Alto VA for the past several years. Shepherd Tang received her meditation teacher certification from the Art of Living Foundation in 2001 and her Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2003. She teaches both introductory and advanced meditation retreats across the country. Her passion is helping meditation students thrive through holistic practices that spark their creativity, enthusiasm, and purpose. In her free time, she hikes, reads, sails and enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters and a stupid dog named Benji.

  • Date: Wednesday, Sept 8th, 2pm to 2pm CT
  • RSVP at

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