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Seattle Woman Appointed Ferrari Club of America’s National Women’s Council Chair

Jamei June of Seattle-based female auto enthusiast brand Beauty & Keys was recently selected as the first chairman of the Ferrari Club of America’s National Women’s Council.

As Ferrari approaches a diversified and inclusive auto community, the newly created position is a step towards encouraging more women to get behind the wheel.

Having previously worked with Ferrari as the Northwest Region’s media coordinator and presenter, June was a natural choice. She hosted the Ferrari Concours d’Elegance for four years in a row and will host the Ferrari Annual Experience event in Portland this summer.

June especially caught Ferrari’s attention in 2019 when Beauty & Keys hosted the largest all-female Ferrari ride in the U.S. (June was among nine women participating in the ride).

June said she started Beauty & Keys because she noticed that many women were only comfortable in the passenger seat. As she competed in autocross events, rallies and drives, she found time and again that she was the only woman who drove.

“Sitting in the driver’s seat is a whole different feeling and I want more women to experience that,” said June.

What started with this first Ferrari engine was eventually expanded to include other exotic cars and SUVs.

“I’ll announce a ride and have the ladies come and ride with me,” said June. “I’ve learned that what women want on the street is often completely different from what men want. Sometimes it’s shorter trips to have lunch together. Women like to chat. I use different beauty products like my favorite lipstick or my favorite cosmetics which are sometimes sponsored. “

June continues to encourage and build the female car community. At every meeting, the number of visitors is reliably twice as high.

As the first chair of the Women’s Council, June will work with Ferrari to select 16 women at the national level and organize more events tailored to women.

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