Rimegepant reduces analgesic and antiemetic use in adults with migraines

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Oral treatment with rimegepant, a low molecular weight CGRP receptor antagonist, can significantly reduce the use of analgesics and antiemetics for the acute treatment of migraines in adults. This is based on study results presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s virtual annual meeting, April 17-22, 2021.

The aim of the current study was to investigate the effects of long-term use of rimegepant 75 mg up to once daily on the use of analgesics or antiemetics in adults with migraines.

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The sample consisted of adults with a history of 2 to 14 monthly migraine attacks with moderate to severe pain intensity. Rimegepant was given up to once a day. 1514 patients received Rimegepant as needed for 52 weeks to treat migraine attacks of any pain intensity, and 286 received Rimegepant plus as needed every other day for 12 weeks.

Long-term use of rimegepant was associated with an increase in the percentage of patients who did not use analgesics or antiemetics, from 19.9% ​​at baseline to 44.6% in weeks 1 to 4 of rimegepant treatment, 58.3% in the Weeks 5 to 8 and 61.6% in weeks 9 to 12. In the group of patients treated with rimegepant on demand, approximately 67.6% did not use analgesics or antiemetics in weeks 49 to 52.

“Rimegepant 75 mg up to once daily for the acute treatment of migraines significantly reduced the use of analgesics and antiemetics in adults with migraines,” concluded the study researchers.


Kudrow D., Mullin K., Berman G. et al. The long-term use of 75 mg rimegepant for the acute treatment of migraines reduces the use of analgesics and antiemetics. Presented at: American Academy of Neurology’s 2021 Annual Virtual Meeting; 17.-22. April 2021. Abstract P10.002


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