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I look forward to sharing a recipe from the cookbook How Not To Diet. If you’ve already made this dish, please leave us a comment on the recipe page or on the Instagram post. I would like to know what you thought of it!

Ribollita with white beans and kale

Ribollita is a rustic Italian soup that, like most soups, tastes even better when warmed up and served the next day as the flavors can develop further – hence the name Ribollita, which means “newly cooked”. Traditional ribollita includes parmesan cheese and pieces of crispy Italian bread, but this cleaner, more modern version eschews cheese and bread in favor of superstars kale and cabbage. This soup is delicious no matter when you enjoy it. However, if you have the time, try to make it a day before you plan to serve it so it really is a ribollita, a “boiled up” rustic soup.

Get the full recipe here and watch the Instagram Reels video here.

Key Findings: Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is almost always preventable, often treatable, and sometimes even reversible with diet and lifestyle changes. I have a wealth of information about this common disease on the topic page which lists key takeaways and all of the related videos.

Black History Month Spotlights

Celebrate Black History MonthWe were honored to interview several black health professionals last month and share their stories on our social media pages. They told us about their work, their whole foods, plant-based meals, and what people should know about Black Health and Black History Month. Please check out the interviews using the social media links below and stay tuned for the coming weeks and months.

  • Columbus D. Batiste, MD, FACC, FSCAI (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Qadira Ali Huff, MD, MPH, FAAP, DipABLM (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Tracye McQuirter, MPH (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Rhyan Geiger, RDN (Instagram, Facebook)

Update for Canadian donors

Canadian donationsWe have great news for our Canadian supporters! You can now donate to and receive a Canadian tax certificate through RC Forward, a Rethink Charity project. Just make a donation to us on our RC Forward page and they will make sure you get the appropriate tax receipt. We appreciate your support.

How to Search the Medical Literature: An Advanced Tutorial

Research webinarsYears ago, I ran two webinars on all of the tips I learned about the best way to search medical databases, legally bypass article paywalls, and keep track of research. I also worked through sample search strategies for various nutrition topics. These webinars were not yet available for download! Check it out here.

How not to diet in Spanish right now

HNTDiet in SpanishWe are happy to announce that How Not to Diet has been translated into Spanish! This translation is published under the title Comer para no engordar. Pre-orders have already started in Spain and the book will be released on April 14th. For more information and links to several stores that are available for pre-order, visit the publisher’s book page. The availability of all translations of all my books can be found here.

Top 3 videos of the month

Cran-Chocolate BROL BowlDr. Greger in the kitchen: Cran-Chocolate Pomegranate BROL Bowl

Prebiotic goodness for breakfast to keep your microbiome happy all day.

Flashback Friday: The Effects of Avocados on InflammationFlashback Friday: The Effects of Avocados on Inflammation

High-fat plant-based foods – avocados, peanuts, and walnuts – and olive oil are put to the test.

The health effects of mycoprotein (quorn) on BCAAs in meatThe health effects of mycoprotein (quorn) products on BCAAs in meat

Clinical studies with Quorn show that it can improve feelings of satiety and help people control their cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin levels.

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Live questions and answersEvery month I do a live Q&A right from my treadmill and Thursday March 25th is the day.

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