RCT supports weight management and the “energizing” potential of Santa Herba extract

Data published in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed that 12 weeks of use of Mibelle’s SantEnergy Nu ingredient resulted in an average decrease in body weight of 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs) and a reduction in body fat of 0.4% (related on total body composition) led the obese participants.

“As [an] Antioxidant compound and metabolic energizer, Santa Herba extract can be used as a natural metabolism booster and slimming ingredient to support healthy aging, “write the researchers, led by Dr. Torsten Grothe, Head of Food & Health at Mibelle Group.

SantEnergy Now

Mibelle launched SantEnergy Nu last year and positioned the ingredient for a number of different uses, including caffeine replacement, healthy aging, sports nutrition and weight management.

SantEnergy Nu is made from the leaves of the Santa Herba (Eriodictyon californicum), a member of the borage family, and is native to the Pacific coastal areas of Oregon, California and Mexico. The herb is said to be rich in essential oils and polyphenols, including homoeriodictyol, eriodictyol, and sterubin. It was used in traditional medicine to treat upper respiratory infections.

The ingredient is reported to be effective in the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), non-enzymatic modifications of proteins or lipids after exposure to sugar.

While AGEs form naturally as you age, they can also form when you have excess blood sugar as a result of a high-carbohydrate diet. Their accumulation in adipose and liver tissue can disrupt many protein functions, which leads to an unbalanced metabolism and the occurrence of metabolic diseases.

Alice Olufeso, Product Manager Food & Health at Mibelle Group Biochemistry, told NutraIngredients-USA that this is the first study to show the effects of this flavonoid-rich Santa Herba extract on weight and fat reduction in obesity and overweight individuals.

“The synergistic interaction of three different mechanisms is what makes SantEnergy Nu so special, which means that the body is able to support a healthier and more balanced metabolism,” she said.

Olufeso explained that SantEnergy Nu binds to the adenosine receptor ADORA2A. “Caffeine works in a similar way. Inhibiting this receptor increases metabolism and triggers lipolysis, which leads to a reduction in fatigue, body fat and body weight, “she said.

While the current study was limited to a 12-week supplementation period, Olufeso said previous studies have shown significant weight loss with longer periods of use. “This confirms that SantEnergy Nu is a natural plant extract that can help obese people with their weight management program.

“Another interesting result was that SantEnergy Nu was able to lower the level of the appetite-dependent hormone leptin, which is typically high in overweight people and can have a positive effect on their eating behavior.”

Study details

The new study included 24 overweight and 25 obese women with an average age of 47.5 years. The women were randomly given the Santa Herba extract (400 mg) or a maltodextrin placebo with main meals twice a day for 12 weeks. Participants were asked not to change their diet or exercise habits throughout the study.

The results showed that the obese women experienced the most significant reductions in body weight and body fat.

In addition, a trend towards reduced blood leptin levels was observed in the obese women, while women who received the Santa Herba extract also had a significant reduction in the appetite traits emotional overeating and food reaction compared to the placebo group.

The researchers also examined the effects of Santa Herba extract on nematodes (Caenorhabditis elegans) and found that the extract increased antioxidant capacities and stimulated C. elegans motility by 7.5%.

Taken together, this comprehensive study suggests a synergistic triple action mechanism of Santa Herba extract, which appears to be highly antioxidant, increases metabolic energy and regulates hunger and satiety, thereby positively influencing obesity-related metabolic imbalances and contributing to weight management. “, Write Dr. Grothe and his staff. “Most likely, the main Santa Herba flavonoids, particularly homoeriodictyol and hesperitin, will contribute to the proven energizing and slimming effects.

“As with all weight loss supplements, Santa Herba extract should be incorporated into a weight loss approach, including dietary adjustments and increased physical activity, which may improve overall health and quality of life,” they added.

Source: Journal of Medical Food
Published online in advance, doi: 10.1089 / jmf.2021.0016
“A dietary supplement with antioxidant Santa Herba extract modulates the energy metabolism and contributes to weight management”
Authors: Y. Mödinger et al.

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