Progress Alternatives in Liquid Biopsy, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics for A number of Issues, 2020 Report –

DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The report “Growth Opportunities in Liquid Biopsy, Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Multiple Disorders” has been added Offer.

This edition of the Life Science, Health & Wellness Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides insights into various diagnostic tests, mainly liquid biopsy, AI and genomic tests for cancer, as well as rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic disease and COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, it includes therapies for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and cancer, novel technologies such as teledentology, novel insulin formulation, biosensors and regenerative medicine for hearing loss, probiotics for the intestinal health of diabetics and CRISPR-based microbiome technology.

The Life Sciences, Health and Wellness TOE will provide disruptive technological advances in the global life science industry. The profiled technologies and innovations include developments in the areas of genetic engineering, drug research and development, biomarkers, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, microbiome, disease management, and health and wellness.

The Health & Wellness Cluster tracks developments in a wide variety of fields including genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, drug discovery and development, nanomedicine, nutrition, cosmetic procedures, pain and disease management and therapies, drug delivery, personalized medicine, and smart healthcare.

Mentioned companies

  • Base Genomics, UK

  • Delfi Diagnostics, USA

  • EPFL Institute for Bioengineering, Switzerland

  • Eligobioscience, France

  • Epic Sciences, USA

  • Evelo Biosciences

  • Freenome, USA

  • Grail Inc., USA

  • Guardant Health Inc., USA

  • Harvard Medical School, USA

  • Human Longevity Inc., USA

  • Inivata Ltd., Great Britain

  • Lexent Bio (Foundation Medicine), USA

  • Menarini Silicon Biosystems SPA, Italy

  • Mouth clock, USA

  • Pendulum diagnostics, USA

  • Personal Genome Diagnostics Inc., USA

  • Project Als, USA

  • Rosa Biotech, UK

  • Skin Analytics, UK

  • Stanford University, USA

  • Sysmex Inostics GmbH, Germany

  • Thrive Early Detection Corp., USA

  • University of Maryland Medical School, USA

  • Oxford University, UK

  • Washington State University, USA

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