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Plymouth woman launches online yoga sessions aimed at busy mums

Yoga is for everyone, but many mothers find it impossible to find the time to attend a class while balancing their little ones and everyday life.

That was what a Plymouth woman found out and spurred her on to start her own online yoga business with a series of sessions ranging from just five minutes to an hour on the hour – so there is something to do with even the hectic week of the busiest parents fits.

Plymouthed by qualified yoga teacher Leah Hyne from the yoga company Lakora Yoga in Plymouth, the new sessions are suitable for people of all abilities – and there are also special introductory sessions for yoga newbies and sessions based on learning how to do yours Getting the body fit also with the right alignment.

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Leah’s mission statement for the new sessions explains: “I help stressed mothers to find some serenity through yoga and meditation and to rediscover themselves so that they have a happier mind and more patience with themselves and their children.

“I focus on managing mom’s stress levels and wellbeing – and I know your time is limited, so I have courses of varying lengths, styles, and lectures to help you find a practice that is yours Meets needs and helps you become the best version of yourself. “

Leah, 33, has been practicing yoga for over ten years and trained as a yoga teacher last year while raising her four-year-old daughter, Alexis.

Knowing how difficult it is to be a parent and find the time to take a yoga class, Leah started her online yoga classes to support and help mothers all over town and beyond feeling like herself instead of “just being a mother”. .

“I’ve always wanted to teach yoga online – that’s how I got into yoga years ago – and the pandemic gave me the impetus to start my business,” said Leah. “I just wanted to do something to help busy mothers.

“There is so much yoga for everyday people, and there is baby and toddler yoga, but there isn’t a lot of yoga that really focuses on mom.

“Being a new mom or mom to a young child can be a really lonely world, so I wanted to do this to make people feel like you again.”

Plymouth’s mom and yoga teacher Leah Hyne has launched a new online yoga program aimed at busy mothers

Leah was born and raised in Plymouth, currently lives in Plymstock and has put her “heart and soul” into yoga over the years, she says.

She feels that discipline can really help people’s health and wellbeing – even if they only have five minutes to do it.

Members of Leah’s new yoga program can log into her website and access a whole range of different meditation workshops and yoga classes, ranging from as little as five minutes to an hour. Members can also speak to Leah online if they need additional help, advice on yoga practices, or just want to chat about being a mom.

“Even if you only have five minutes a day, you can still do something that works in your busy life,” Leah said. “For example, you could try meditation while your child is sleeping.”

The yoga sessions are incredibly inclusive and suitable for people of all abilities. Many sessions are aimed at newbies to yoga and those who want to learn the correct alignment of poses.

Leah added, “With a little one, it was impossible for me to take a class, but doing yoga online made me do it in my own time.

“People can choose what they want to do and for how long they want to do it.

Leah's yoga program is for all abilities and there are plenty of tutorials to teach novice yoga practitioners how to do the movements and find the right alignment

Leah’s yoga program is for all abilities and there are plenty of tutorials to teach novice yoga practitioners how to do the movements and find the right alignment

To participate in Leah’s online mom yoga program, you can purchase your membership on the Lakora Yoga website.

Membership is open until Saturday, August 31st, but will reopen at a later date when more seats are available.

Leah plans to add live online courses to her member-only website later this year.

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