Pills and Supplements to Speed Up Metabolism

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Are you finding it difficult to lose weight despite your lifestyle changes to improve your diet and exercise regime? Adding one of the best metabolism boosters to your daily routine could help you finally get the results you crave.

The natural ingredients in these supplements can help speed up your metabolism, boost your energy levels, and burn fat. 

Check out our reviews of the best metabolism boosters to help you decide which one is right for you. The winner, PhenQ, is packed with some of the best metabolism-boosting ingredients for a full range of benefits.

Best Metabolism Boosters

  • PhenQ – Best metabolism booster overall
  • Instant Knockout – Best metabolism booster for men
  • PhenGold – Best metabolism booster for increased energy
  • LeanBean – Best metabolism booster for women
  • Burn Lab Pro – Best metabolism booster to preserve muscle mass
  • Trimtone – Best metabolism booster during menopause
  • Prime Shred – Best metabolism booster for older adults
  • Clenbutrol – Best metabolism booster for belly fat reduction

There are dozens of supplements on the market designed to speed up your metabolism, and it can be challenging to know which one to select. After careful research, these are the top contenders we have chosen. We looked for ingredients proven to help you burn fat without losing muscle mass, reduce your cravings, and slow the absorption of carbohydrates to allow you to eat fewer calories and still feel satisfied.

1. PhenQ – Best Metabolism Booster Overall

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  • Boosts energy levels
  • Uses thermogenic ingredients to burn fat
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Each ingredient used is backed up by research


  • Caffeine content may cause nausea, insomnia, or restlessness in sensitive individuals

Who Is PhenQ Best For?

PhenQ was found to be one of the best metabolism boosters overall and is suitable for most people. There are many beneficial ingredients in PhenQ, including caffeine, nopal cactus, L-carnitine, alpha-Lacy’s Reset, chromium picolinate, and Capsimax (a blend of caffeine, capsaicin, vitamin B3, and piperine).

Each of these ingredients can help increase metabolism and speed up weight loss. Alpha-Lacy’s Reset is made from alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine, and claims to reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass. Alpha-lipoic acid alone may decrease weight and BMI [1].

The anti-inflammatory ingredient capsaicin burns fat to produce heat energy, and L-carnitine can enhance exercise performance [2] [3]. It is believed that caffeine helps prevent gaining back lost weight, chromium picolinate regulates blood sugar, and vitamin B3 helps with energy production [4] [5].

Nopal cactus, also known as prickly pear, can reduce inflammation. Research indicates that it can help prevent fat storage and keep blood glucose levels under control. Another benefit of prickly pear is that it increases the gut microbiome diversity, improving metabolism.

A healthy gut microbiome is crucial since the bacteria are responsible for keeping the immune system healthy, as well as producing neurotransmitters. Gut bacteria also control inflammation levels. Reduced inflammation gives you more energy to help you keep up with everyday tasks and your workout routine [6].

Who Should Avoid PhenQ?

If you are sensitive to caffeine, then PhenQ may not be the best metabolism booster for you. Also, if you are taking medication to lower your blood sugar, the presence of chromium could affect your medication results. 


PhenQ has a comprehensive list of ingredients known to be some of the best metabolism boosters available. You get a full range of benefits, from appetite suppression to inflammation reduction to blood sugar control, all while effectively burning more fat.

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2. Instant Knockout – Best Metabolism Booster for Men


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  • Zinc supports men’s health
  • Piperine can protect muscle mass
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 produce neurotransmitters
  • Glucomannan can control cravings
  • Thermogenic ingredients further increase fat burn


  • Glucomannan can reduce absorption levels of food nutrients and medication

Who Is Instant Knockout Best For?

Instant Knockout is one of the best metabolism boosters available for men. 

A common concern with taking a fat-burning supplement is whether or not you will lose muscle. Instant Knockout preserves the integrity of your muscles, so you can control cravings to cut fat without sacrificing strength. It works to prevent oxidative damage to your muscles associated with strenuous exercise.

One of the best things about Instant Knockout is that it is good for both metabolism and mood.

Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 help produce neurotransmitters that regulate your mood through serotonin and dopamine production. They can also reduce stress-induced food cravings. 

Glucomannan can suppress your appetite and regulate metabolism [7]. L-theanine works to stimulate your metabolism and speed up fat-burning while preventing new fat stores from accumulating [8]. 

The ingredients capsaicin and black pepper elevate fat and sugar burn for energy production. They can also increase your insulin sensitivity and lower inflammation.

Piperine speeds up the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. It enhances antioxidant production and protects damage to your muscles from intense bouts of exercise by limiting inflammation and oxidative stress [9].

Who Should Avoid Instant Knockout?

The ingredient glucomannan can affect the absorption of NTI medications, so individuals who use them should consider PhenQ instead. You may need to separate your consumption of Instant Knockout with other medicines by several hours to ensure that the dosage is safe and effective. 


Instant Knockout burns fat and tames cravings, so you can lose weight. Several ingredients support the metabolism to increase energy and burn more calories.

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3. PhenGold – Best Metabolism Booster for Increased Energy


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  • Rhodiola provides energy and motivation
  • Tyrosine supports the thyroid
  • Caffeine, green coffee, and green tea may boost metabolism
  • 100-day money-back guarantee with a trial of 50 days or more


  • Caffeine content may be too high for some
  • Can affect hyperthyroidism or interact with thyroid medications

Who Is PhenGold Best For?

PhenGold is one of the best metabolism boosters for anyone who lacks the motivation to work out on a regular basis. It contains the amino acid tyrosine to support thyroid hormones, adrenaline, and dopamine. 

PhenGold has 250mg of Rhodiola to increase dopamine activity, triggering your reward response and motivating you to work towards your goals. Dopamine may also reduce cravings for sugary foods [10].

Green coffee extract works together with caffeine and L-theanine to reduce liver fat. Green coffee bean extract also inhibits fat storage and improves liver function and insulin sensitivity. It also increases AMPK function, a gene that causes fat to be burned instead of stored [11].

Who Should Avoid PhenGold?

One of the ingredients of PhenGold is tyrosine, which produces thyroid hormones. You should not take PhenGold if you take medication for an underactive thyroid or Adderall. Tyrosine can increase your thyroid hormones or dopamine levels by too much in these cases. PhenQ could be used as an alternative.


The ingredients of PhenGold can increase energy levels, enhance dopamine and adrenaline, and help burn fat from the liver and throughout the body. 

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4. Leanbean – Best Metabolism Booster for Women


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  • Relieves cravings
  • Supports blood sugar
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Can potentially reduce the absorption of medications and nutrients

Who Is Leanbean Best For?

Leanbean is one of the best metabolism boosters for women who tend to overeat because it matches how their brains respond to metabolism and food. 

The main ingredient is glucomannan. This indigestible carbohydrate forms a barrier in the stomach and intestines by soaking up water, leaving you feeling full and satisfied. However, it can reduce your body’s ability to absorb important nutrients.

There are three grams of glucomannan per dose. Glucomannan contains prebiotics to promote a healthy immune system and boosted metabolism. It even aids neurotransmitter production to reduce stress and food cravings [7].

Who Should Avoid Leanbean?

Avoid Leanbean and other products that contain glucomannan if you take NTI (narrow therapeutic index) medications. The barrier produced by glucomannan may prevent your medication from being absorbed properly. PhenQ is a good substitute to choose.


Leanbean’s ingredients have proven effective in helping women suppress their appetite, reduce cravings, and boost metabolism.

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5. Burn Lab Pro – Best Metabolism Booster to Preserve Muscle Mass


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  • Two metabolism boosters that also stimulate muscle growth
  • Piperine supports fat loss, instead of muscle loss
  • Chromium balances blood sugar
  • 25% discount when you purchase a four-month supply


  • Proprietary blends do not show exact ingredient amounts
  • Chromium interacts with some prescription medications

Who Is Burn Lab Pro Best For?

Burn Lab Pro can help you lose unwanted body fat and keep your muscle mass. It’s one of the best metabolism boosters for athletes and those inclined toward fitness and strength-building.

The top ingredient contained in Burn Lab Pro is ForsLean, which is a form of herbal remedy Coleus forskohlii. Forskolin is an active phytochemical responsible for increasing thermogenesis, metabolism, and fat-burning. Forskolin also works to increase your muscle tissue, instead of depleting it [12].

Another ingredient targeted at increasing muscle mass is beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate (HMB). HMB stimulates your metabolism by building more muscle tissue. It can be a good solution for older adults concerned with sarcopenia or muscle loss due to aging. 

Multiple studies have looked at the benefits that HMB has for aging adults. Several show that HMB supplements reduce the amount of muscle loss in individuals on bed rest. Another study reported greater muscle gain when HMB was taken during rehabilitation.

A third study with healthy participants recorded muscle gain and consistent strength compared to the control group that showed a loss. The combination of these studies acts as proof that HMB is an effective ingredient for protecting strength and muscle mass [13].

Who Should Avoid Burn Lab Pro?

This supplement contains chromium. Talk to your doctor before taking Burn Lab Pro if you take any supplements or prescription medications to lower your blood sugar.


Burn Lab Pro is among the best metabolism boosters for anyone concerned with preserving and building muscle while cutting fat. It contains metabolism-boosting ingredients and allows you to build strength and push yourself while exercising.

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6. Trimtone – Best Metabolism Booster During Menopause


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  • Grains of paradise increases whole-body energy expenditure
  • Green coffee and green tea can boost metabolism
  • 100-day money-back guarantee when you order more than one month’s worth
  • Five-month supply bundle is the best value, at $149.99


  • Caffeine can be overstimulating for some individuals
  • Glucomannan may reduce the absorption of prescription medication

Who Is Trimtone Best For?

Trimtone is one of the best metabolism boosters and fat burners for women going through menopause. It targets stubborn fat that refuses to budge, no matter what diet and exercise regimen you adopt.

One of the most potent ingredients in Trimtone is the 40mg of grains of paradise extract. This is more than the 30mg proven to be effective in trials. The women who took grains of paradise reported greater loss of accumulated abdominal fat than the placebo group.

Grains of paradise is a member of the ginger family. It is less common than other supplements used in metabolism boosters, but has promising effects. This ingredient increases your brown adipose tissue’s ability to burn fat and increases whole-body energy expenditure [14].

The presence of chlorogenic acid and green tea extract are other useful ingredients in Trimtone. They prompt the body to burn more calories, and reduce the absorption of carbohydrates.

Green tea can be effective in losing unwanted weight and preventing weight gain. Other research credits green coffee bean extract with helping women lose 4.84 kilograms instead of the 2.62 kilograms that the placebo group lost. Both results were achieved with dieting, in addition to supplementation [15] [16].

Who Should Avoid Trimtone?

Trimtone is not suitable for those taking NTI medications or supplements for nutrient deficiencies. Individuals sensitive to caffeine may experience overstimulation.


Trimtone is thought to be an effective thermogenic fat burner. It raises your metabolism by increasing brown fat and calorie burn while also slowing down your body’s absorption of calories.

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7. PrimeShred – Best Metabolism Booster for Older Adults


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  • Niacin can reduce liver fat and increase energy
  • Increased energy leads to a boost in metabolism
  • Piperine can prevent muscle loss
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • High caffeine content 
  • Tyrosine can interact with thyroid medication

Who Is PrimeShred Best For?

PrimeShred is a top choice for older people to target fat in the liver. Fatty liver disease can be a result of obesity, and it’s thought that about 25% of the world’s population is affected. 

Some of the ingredients in Prime Shred are capsaicin, green tea extract, and green coffee extract. It also contains niacin, along with vitamins B6 and B12, that aid fat burning in the liver. A vitamin B6 study for participants with fatty liver disease found that using B6 didn’t alter weight by much but reduced liver fat from 18.7% to 16.4% [17].

Both vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are also responsible for reducing homocysteine to prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. Niacin can be used to treat fatty liver disease, and has the added bonus of anti-aging properties.

A study of diabetic participants measured a loss of up to 32% of total liver fat in those who took a high amount of niacin in combination with a weight loss protocol. A high intake of niacin also produced a greater chance of resolving the disease entirely[18].

Who Should Avoid PrimeShred?

PrimeShred contains high amounts of caffeine at 225 mg per dose, so avoid it if you are sensitive to caffeine. Also, avoid the PrimeShred if you are taking thyroid medication.


One of the greatest benefits of PrimeShred is that it goes beyond the function of a standard metabolism booster. It also helps improve health outcomes by reducing some of the complications associated with obesity, such as fatty liver disease.

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8. Clenbutrol – Best Metabolism Booster for Belly Fat Reduction


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  • Increases the number of mitochondria for greater energy
  • May burn fat while retaining lean muscle
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Some individuals may experience overstimulation

Who Is Clenbutrol Best For?

Clenbutrol is among the best metabolism boosters to reduce belly fat. It is the natural form of the metabolism-boosting drug Clenbuterol. These types of pharmaceuticals and hormonal fat-burners are often associated with side effects and legal issues. The natural supplement version produces weight loss benefits more safely.

One of the main ingredients in Clenbutrol is garcinia cambogia. This is a well-known dietary supplement used in weight loss efforts. Garcinia cambogia helps burn a greater number of calories and blocks carbohydrates from being converted into fat stored in the cells.

Individuals choose to take garcinia for weight loss and management of a healthy weight once the extra pounds are gone. It works by burning fat calories and targeting food cravings to help you consume fewer calories throughout the day. Garcinia cambogia can even target overeating caused by poor mood, since it can increase serotonin levels [19].

Clenbutrol contains another popular ingredient to boost the metabolism called guarana. This substance is frequently used in energy drinks, as well as in weight loss supplements. Guarana can help your body create higher numbers of mitochondria, which will burn more fat through increased energy production [20].

Who Should Avoid Clenbutrol?

If you fall in the group of people who become overstimulated from the caffeine in guarana, you may prefer PhenQ.


If you want to lose pounds while elevating your overall mood and energy levels, then Clenbutrol is one of the best metabolism boosters you can select. The ingredient combination of guarana, garcinia, and niacin can increase your energy while enhancing your mood.

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Buyer’s Guide and Criteria for the Best Metabolism Boosters

With so many metabolism supplements to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are high-quality and actually deliver the results you want. You must know what to look for in the best metabolism boosters to weed out those that are poor quality and ineffective. These are the factors we used to make our selection for the top picks.

Advertised Benefits

One of the first things to look at are the benefits and advantages that the company claims its product can give you. There is a wide range of products out there that promise anything from realistic to unreachable results. 

Pay attention to what the company states its product can help you achieve. Look for realistic claims that are backed by clear information and academic research.


The most important part of a metabolism-boosting supplement is the ingredients it contains. Research any product you are considering taking to determine if it uses evidence-based ingredients. The company should list each one clearly and provide links to studies that explain the effects, safety, and benefits you can reasonably expect.

Possible Side Effects

Read through the list of ingredients and potential side effects before taking a new supplement. Product safety is crucial, and the company should disclose any known reactions and warnings. You don’t want to take a product that can worsen your health or cause unpleasant effects that interfere with your ability to exercise and pursue your health goals.

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Customer Reviews

Get an idea of how well a metabolism-boosting supplement works by reading customer reviews.

Independent reviews can help you learn what results to expect, as well as information such as pill size, product taste, ease of use, shipping time, and customer service. The experience of others is a good indication of a product’s quality and value.

Pricing, Available Discounts, and Refund Policy

Cost is another factor that you must consider. It’s important to choose one of the best metabolism boosters that offers the benefits you need without straining your budget. Calculate the cost per dose by dividing the product’s price by the number of doses it contains. 

You may be able to save money if you order several bottles together as a bundle. It’s also worth looking into the company’s refund policy to find out whether you can get your money back if you decide the product isn’t right for you.

What Is Body Metabolism?

It’s a good idea to have a thorough understanding of what metabolism actually is when you are searching for the best metabolism boosters. Metabolism includes bodily processes, but is typically used to refer to energy production.

Energy is necessary for the body to do any type of action, such as daily movements, cell growth, and cellular repair. The body gets energy through the digestion process, which extracts the nutrients found in food. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are referred to as macronutrients and all produce energy, although carbohydrates provide the most efficient source.

Chemical reactions occur when glucose is broken down into energy, which is then stored in a carrier molecule until needed to fuel the cell. Your hormones, the quality of foods you eat, and mitochondria health all affect how well your body can produce energy.

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How Do the Best Metabolism Boosters Work?

There are three ways that metabolism boosters help you achieve faster weight loss.


Thermogenesis refers to the heat production process, where the mitochondria can switch to heat-generating mode to increase your body temperature. Muscle and brown fat can produce heat. White fat cannot, and only stores energy. Higher levels of brown fat are linked to balanced blood sugar levels and a higher basal metabolic rate.

This is why it’s beneficial to convert white fat to brown fat. Some of the best metabolism boosters can increase the ratio of brown fat tissue over white fat [12].

Natural Stimulants

Supplements that include natural stimulants increase your metabolism by raising energy production. Some work to more quickly break down fat and carbohydrates into glucose, which is burned as energy. Other types of natural stimulants protect the cells’ mitochondria from oxidative damage and improve the energy production pathways [12].

Appetite Suppressant

If you tend to overeat, then the best metabolism boosters are those that focus on appetite suppression. Reducing food cravings and eating fewer calories helps you achieve your weight loss goals. Sometimes, a craving can signal that you are lacking in a particular nutrient or have a hormonal imbalance.

Many people who are overweight produce too much of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. Leptin is the hormone that signals satisfaction and allows you to stop eating.

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Ingredients That Speed Up Metabolism

The most commonly used ingredients in the best metabolism boosters include caffeine, green tea, and various vitamins.


Caffeine is a popular and widely used stimulant across the globe. It’s one of the best metabolism boosters because it also supercharges metabolism. Caffeine produces body heat and energy, making your workouts more effective. It works to break fats down into singular fatty acids and enhance energy production in the cells.

Research shows that ingesting caffeine helps to prevent you from regaining lost weight. Consuming high amounts of caffeine, three cups per day or more, drops the risk of weight regain from 30% to 16% [4].


You may be familiar with capsaicin as the ingredient responsible for producing the heat in chili peppers. It’s one of the best metabolism boosters because it also functions as a thermogenic that increases metabolism in the pancreas and fat cells. The presence of capsaicin helps the body break down sugar into usable energy. Animal studies indicate that capsaicin could reduce inflammation caused by high body fat levels.

Human studies show promising results with capsaicin for improving metabolic syndrome by reducing blood glucose and insulin sensitivity. Capsaicin may also elevate your fitness through better cardio performance [2].

L-Carnitine (Amino Acids)

Your body typically produces an adequate amount of L-carnitine on its own but occasionally needs help through supplementation. L-carnitine is responsible for moving fatty acids into the mitochondria of your cells, where it’s converted to energy.

L-carnitine is one of the best metabolism boosters because it’s a valuable ingredient to target stubborn body fat and increase antioxidants. They aid in both energy production and protecting the mitochondria so that they can do their job. One trial found that L-carnitine helped improve leg-press weight and repetitions, along with power output, when using a stationary bike [3].

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Chromium Picolinate

Adding a chromium picolinate supplement can help to prevent or treat symptoms of diabetes. It helps glucose enter cells for energy production and therefore increases metabolism.

Chromium picolinate may also limit the need to produce the hormone insulin, as it reduces blood sugar. Glycated hemoglobin levels, the unabsorbed sugar in hemoglobin, also decreases. This is an important finding since glycation causes inflammation and tissue damage [5].

Green Tea

The phytochemicals present in green tea are responsible for their effect on metabolism. Green tea contains both caffeine and antioxidants. It may have a thermogenic effect and prevent fat absorption leading to a decreased number of fat cells.

It’s one of the best metabolism boosters because green tea antioxidants can elevate the metabolic rate of brown fat while increasing insulin production and sensitivity. Greater insulin sensitivity can cause insulin levels to decrease, making green tea a beneficial supplement for diabetes [21].

Vitamins B and D, Plus Other Minerals

The body requires vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5 to support the Krebs cycle, producing energy within the cells. Vitamin B7 (biotin) aids fat oxidation, allowing fatty acids to be burned as energy. While each B vitamin has its benefits, the best results can be found in a supplement that contains all the essential B vitamins [22].

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Lifestyle Changes That Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

While supplements can have a profound impact, there is no way to fix or elevate your metabolism permanently. To get significant, lasting results, you must also adopt certain lifestyle changes.

Drink Lots of Water

One of the best metabolism boosters is water. A higher intake of water, especially cold water, may enhance metabolism. A small study of 14 adults had participants drink 500mL of water. The results were an increase in resting metabolic rate of 30% [23].

Consuming More Protein

High protein foods require greater amounts of energy to digest than carbs or fat. This leads to an increase in your metabolic rate of 15% to 30%. Carbs only cause a rise of 5% to 10%, and fat just 0% to 3%. Eating more protein helps keep your metabolic rate high [24].

Eat Spicy Foods

Another type of food to frequently include in your meals is red pepper or other spicy ingredients. One study found that young adults burned about 10 more calories per meal when they ate spicy foods. Small changes such as this add up over time [25].

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Do HIIT Exercises

One of the best metabolism boosters is doing HIIT exercises. High-intensity interval training has become popular due to claims that a short session can be just as effective as longer endurance routines. 

HIIT types of exercises cause an elevation in your metabolism that lasts long after the end of the workout. This means you can burn the same number of calories since your body continues to burn more fat throughout the day [26].

Add Strength and Resistance Training

To achieve results, you must include more than cardio in your exercise regime. Cardio alone can lead to decreased muscle mass and a lowered metabolism. Strength training helps you to build healthy muscle that increases your weight loss efforts [27].

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods

Sometimes, the best metabolism boosters is to simply move more. A sedentary lifestyle can have a negative impact on your metabolism. Even standing up instead of sitting at your desk all day long at the office can increase your metabolism enough to burn an extra 174 calories per day. 

Another benefit of standing throughout the workday is that blood sugar levels are reduced by 43% [28].

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Your body needs quality sleep to regulate metabolic health. Consistent sleep helps to control blood sugar and hormone levels. The hormones leptin and ghrelin effect when you feel full and hungry. Balanced hormones lead to fewer food cravings and less weight gain [29].

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Common FAQs on the Best Metabolism Boosters

Check out the answers to these popular questions to help you decide which supplement is the most beneficial for you.

What Is the Best Way to Naturally Boost the Metabolism?

The top two ingredients known to be potent fat-burners are capsaicin and L-carnitine. Many studies have been done on them, so there is plenty of scientific evidence to back up claims. PhenQ is one of the best metabolism boosters that contains both of these ingredients.

Can Supplements Speed Up the Metabolism?

High-quality supplements have been proven to increase metabolism. Some of the best natural ingredients for this are caffeine, capsaicin, green coffee bean extract, and green tea extract. Including them in your diet will help you see some benefits, but the greatest effects come from taking a supplement such as Leanbean or PhenQ.

What Is the Best Metabolism Booster Supplement?

Of all the best metabolism boosters we reviewed, PhenQ stands out as the overall top choice to aid weight loss. It boasts an impressive list of ingredients that increase energy and fat burning while reducing inflammation and blood sugar. PhenQ’s proprietary ingredient, alpha-Lacy Reset, may promote fat loss while building muscle.

How Can I Boost My Metabolism to Lose Fat?

Elevate your metabolism by drinking more water, eating protein and spicy foods, getting regular high-quality sleep, and including strength training to build lean muscle. These are all sustainable ways to develop good habits that improve overall health and wellness while increasing fat loss.

The Best Metabolism Boosters: The Verdict

PhenQ is the top choice out of all the best metabolism boosters we reviewed. It has high-quality ingredients backed by research to reinforce its claims. With PhenQ, you get more than just an increase in fat oxidation. It also prevents fat from being stored, helps to build muscle, and reduces blood sugar levels for better health.

A fat-burning supplement such as PhenQ can help you see fast results. However, you should not rely on supplements alone to boost your metabolism and achieve the health and fitness level you desire. Develop lifestyle habits such as a balanced diet, increased water intake, a regular workout regimen, and better sleep to get the best results possible.


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