Pfizer begins scientific trial of COVID-19 vaccine in pregnant girls

HealthDay News – The first US participants in a large-scale clinical trial testing the safety and effectiveness of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in pregnant women have received their recordings, the company said Thursday.

The goal is to include approximately 4,000 pregnant women in the global study that the company believes will be completed by January 2023, reported CBS News.

Research has shown that pregnant women who are not vaccinated are at higher risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19. A study published in January found a 13 times higher COVID-19 death rate in pregnant women than other patients of similar ages, reported CBS News.

“I strongly recommend that all pregnant women be vaccinated from the first time pregnancy is discovered until the end of the pregnancy,” said Dr. Bob Lahita, professor of medicine at New York Medical College and chairman of medicine at St. Joseph University Hospital told CBS News recently. He said there was “no evidence” that the vaccine “had any effect on the placenta, fetus and mother”. Unless you get the infection, COVID, and you’re pregnant, you run the risk of getting very, very sick. “

Pfizer also said it plans to begin trials of the vaccine in younger children in the coming months and recently began trials in teenagers. Studies to evaluate the vaccine in people with compromised immune systems are also planned, according to CBS News.

CBS News article


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