Neustätter: The decision for medicine increases blood pressure | Health, Med. & Fitness

There’s a guy named Stephen H. Schneider, a professor of biological sciences at Stanford. He developed a rare but highly malignant mantle cell lymphoma. He did a lot of research on the treatment and had no qualms about overseeing his own care and urging his doctors to do what he thought was right – then wrote a book about it, appropriately titled, The Patient From Hell: How I worked ”. With my doctors, to get the best out of modern medicine and how you can too. “

He concluded that there are three questions you need to ask yourself with any medical procedure:

What if I do or what if I don’t?

What is the probability of each outcome?

How should i know (In other words, how good is the evidence?)

Part of deciding what to do with my blood pressure and cholesterol is assessing the health of my cardiovascular system. I went to the American College of Cardiology website, where the ACVD Risk Estimator gives your lifetime risk for a cardiovascular event.

I also had EKGs, an echocardiogram, an echo stress test, my lipid particle size, and markers for inflammation and metabolic disorders measured.

And there are more (fancy and expensive) tests, such as a nuclear stress test, catheterization and a coronary calcium score. Everyone is trying to get a better handle on the risk, although the most important thing is to just record my blood pressure readings at home.

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