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I am often asked to provide summaries on a wide variety of interesting topics. Your wish is my command. We have themed pages on more than a thousand topics! Each contains links to many related videos and can contain a brief summary of the information.

Allow me to highlight some of these pages, starting with one of our most requested topics: organic foods. Is it Safer and More Nutritious? Find out everything you need to know about organic food on the topics page, which has all-important takeaway information and all of its videos.

The new volume covers the functions of cultured meat, IBD and thyroid

My new DVD is out today and available in streaming video so you can watch it right away. The full list of topics can be found here. After all, all of these videos will be available online for free for the next several months. However, if you don’t want to wait for the launch, you can stream them all now.

If you’re a $ 25 monthly backer and you’ve chosen our donor rewards, you’ve already received a free link to the new download so you’re probably already an expert on these new topics. If you want to get it early too, consider becoming a monthly backer. Sign up on the donations page to receive over $ 25 monthly contribution. As long as your posts are up to date, you have the option to get the latest downloads for free before they become available to the public.

And remember: if you watch the videos on or YouTube, you can access subtitles in different languages. To find yours, click the settings wheel in the lower right corner of the video, then select “Subtitles / CC”.

Upcoming webinar on thyroid function

Thyroid Webinar PromoOne of the most common questions I am asked is natural treatment for Hashimoto’s disease, also known as autoimmune thyroiditis, the leading cause of hypothyroidism. I’m happy to say I found one!

In my upcoming webinar, I’ll cover the best diet for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, as well as the healthiest natural source of iodine. All of these videos will be available on over the next year. However, you can see them all and answer your questions by attending a one-hour live event on March 5th.

Donate any amount using this form. We will then send you a link to register as a donor bonus for the webinar. Our payment processor requires a minimum donation of $ 5.

Date and time of the webinar: Friday, March 5, 3 p.m. – 3 p.m. ET

(Please note: registration ends March 3rd, so don’t hesitate!)

Hire now!

We are expanding our team with two positions here at

  • Web developer (full time)
  • Digital Marketing Assistant (part-time)

You can find job descriptions and applications for both on our Employment side. Please share these vacancies with anyone who would be a good fit for you!

Podcast available on YouTube

Podcast announcementMy audio podcast, which is released every Thursday, is available on most podcast apps, and I’m excited to announce that it’s now available on YouTube too! Putting the podcast on YouTube not only expands the listening options, but we can also add subtitles to it, which we did in both English and Spanish. You can find them on the YouTube channel.

Top 3 videos of the month

Why does bathing in the forest increase the activity of natural killer cells?Why does the forest pool promote the function of natural killer cells?

Can the aroma of essential wood oils recreate the immune-boosting effects of forest hiking?

Are Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger Healthy?Are Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger Healthy?

What if you compare the trans fat, saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol levels in plant-based burgers to animal-based burgers?

Vegetable protein: are pea and soy isolates harmful?Vegetable protein: are pea and soy protein isolates harmful?

What are the different effects of vegetable protein versus animal protein and can the benefits of vegetable proteins be transferred to vegetable protein isolates?

Volunteer Spotlight: George Jacobs

I am very happy when I am part of the increasingly powerful team. I proofread, which allows me to read the latest from the greatest in advance. I enjoy the challenge of meeting the high standards of the NF team. Steven Litrov, the NF volunteer coordinator, is so efficient and pleasant to work with. I always look forward to his next assignment. I also promote the work of the NF team as part of my activism and take pride in telling people about my small role in this work.

My favorite food is the No Bread – peanut butter and banana sandwich. Peel a very ripe banana. Cut it in half lengthways. Spread half of it without salt, without sugar and without peanut butter. Put the halves back together and enjoy! Here is a video of the process I did for a European Union project teaching language and cuisine.

Next live Q&A on February 25th

Live questions and answersEvery month I do a live Q&A right from my treadmill and Thursday February 25th is the day.

Join our Facebook page or YouTube channel at 3 p.m. ET. I will stream to both at the same time!

Links to previous live questions and answers can be found here on If that’s not enough, don’t forget I have an audio podcast to keep you company.

In health,
Michael Greger, MD

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