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Minnesota Police Nab Suspect Connected To 9 Burglaries In MN

A tip of the cap to all of those working in law enforcement out there, working the holidays and keeping us all safe. Recently it was the work of multiple law enforcement agencies coming together to capture someone that was behind multiple burglaries in various cities. The St. Paul Police Department laid out the case recently on Facebook.

Nine burglaries across six cities.

A couple of weeks ago, a gas station in Saint Paul was burglarized overnight. Officers responded to a burglary alarm and found that the front door of the business was shattered. Unfortunately, the suspect was not located.

Video surveillance revealed the suspect driving a Chrysler minivan and a partial license plate was visible.

Sergeants working with our Property Crimes Unit started investigating the minivan, crime scene, and other similar burglary cases. They discovered that the minivan was the suspect vehicle in many burglaries in the Twin Cities.

One burglar can be responsible for multiple crimes in varying locations. They don’t follow city lines and, in this case, are liable for tens of thousands of dollars lost between damage to property and stolen items.

The suspect was charged with felony second degree burglary.

We’re proud of our investigators and partnering agencies for their hard work bringing justice to these cases.

Honestly, it’s scary to think that not too long ago these agencies wouldn’t have been sharing the information with each other and this person would be more than likely be out on the streets continuing to burglarize businesses.

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