LiveAltlife aims to eradicate Type 2 Diabetes, other conditions sustainably

Founded in 2018, healthtech startup LiveAltlife helps people battling metabolic disorders like Diabetes, PCOS, Obesity, Cardiovascular Health etc., to restore and reverse their health in a safe & natural way. A fact about living with diabetes is feeling helpless when you cannot control a sudden spike in blood sugar levels after eating despite being on medication. To the readers here, what are your first thoughts about diabetes?

• Diabetes is permanent.

• No more sugar.

• Being overweight can lead to diabetes.

• Take medicines for the rest of your life.

But did you also know that this is a myth? It’s a common notion to believe in an old narrative, and it’s time we changed that. Diabetes does not have to be lifelong, and we can reverse it! Here are a few things you should know about diabetes:

1. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

2. Medications only manage symptoms. They don’t help to cure diabetes.

3. Improving one’s metabolism with the proper lifestyle interventions will help reverse diabetes.

While many learn to accept living with diabetes, many are willing to take the risk to understand the chronic condition and seek the proper intervention to solve and reverse diabetes. Vivek Subramanyam is one among those who sought to solve his chronic disease. He was diagnosed with diabetes in his early 30’s in 2007. Being dependent on his medication to treat diabetes wasn’t something he wanted for the rest of his life.

Vivek turned to deep research to understand the root causes of metabolic disorders and to identify a solution to break the chain of his lifelong medications. The deep science he unearthed in his research led him to believe these metabolic disorders could indeed be reversed. He formulated a Precision Nutrition Framework involving 100+ rules around macro and micro nutrition that needed to be applied every day, which could dramatically improve one’s metabolism. He defined a pilot experiment to test the efficacy of his Precision Nutrition Framework, and these participants involved with lifestyle conditions such as Diabetes, PCOS, Obesity, etc. In the pilot program, precision nutrition-driven meal plans were sent to all the participants for 90 days, along with guidelines on fitness, sleep, stress management etc. The experiment concluded with extraordinary results where every participant reversed their lifestyle conditions.

Following the pilot’s success, Vivek started LiveAltlife – a Health tech start-up with a mission to eradicate lifestyle diseases. The team at LiveAltlife has a Health Restore program that includes AI-driven Precision Nutrition-based therapeutic meals delivered straight to the doorstep, and an online fitness, yoga, & meditation regime curated & designed to improve one’s metabolism. This makes restoring health effortless and effective.

LiveAltlife’s approach to reversing diabetes or other lifestyle conditions is by fixing the underlying root cause: metabolic imbalances, chronic inflammation and impaired immunity. The Health Restore program also includes AI-powered diagnostics that is quite different from typical diagnostics assessments. LiveAltlife measures and tracks biomarkers that measure the state of the underlying metabolic processes, which is unique in addition to typically tracked biomarkers. With this, LiveAltlife can measure actual progress towards reversal and predict future health risks.

A One-Stop Solution for Diabetes Reversal in India, LiveAltlife built its solutions and tested them rigorously from 2019 to 2021, launched in Bangalore in 2022 and has witnessed all its clients reverse their lifestyle conditions. It is the only company in Healthtech that offers complete solutions to its clients that are not just devices and advisory but execution-centric. In the Health Restore Program, therapeutic meals with macro and micronutrient balanced meals are delivered to the client wherever they are, at home or work; the app allows the client to change the location at their convenience. They can choose between yoga or fitness regimes, and they have access to doctors 24/7. For maximum health benefit, it is ideal for the client to select the 90 days program, but they also have various other options.

Currently, living in Bangalore, the program also offers solutions for people outside Bangalore. As per the team, they have seen incredible transformations among the clients who subscribed for the Health Restore Lite version. For instance, Aseem, who resides in Delhi, was diabetic with HbA1c 10.7 and weighed 97 kilos. When he subscribed to the Lite version, he kept sticking to the meal plan recipe and online workout regime for 30 days. He noticed significant changes in his body, and his HbA1c dropped to 8.4. As a result of the changes, he decided to relocate to Bangalore for a few months to subscribe to the Health Restore program. Aseem reversed his diabetes in June 2022 with HbA1c at 5.7 and weighing 84 kilos. ‘It’s exhilarating to know that I no longer have diabetes, and I couldn’t believe that I was able to beat it without medication—just healthier meals and exercise to reverse my condition. I am happy that I decided to prioritize my health.’ LiveAltlife plans to raise capital and expand across multiple Indian cities to create a diabetes-free nation.

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