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Lichfield yoga business blames soaring energy prices for decision to close studio

A Lichfield yoga studio has confirmed it will close due to the soaring cost of energy.

Humble Warrior Yoga opened three years ago in the St Mary’s Old School building off Minster Walk.

But despite surviving the challenges of the pandemic, a statement on the business’ website confirmed that the increasing costs of energy had now meant the studio was no longer sustainable and would shut on 29th September.

“Over the past few months, it has become increasingly difficult to continue to run the business in the way we began.

“The soaring costs of energy are uncapped for small businesses. With more on the way I have made the very difficult decision to close and to reincarnate Humble Warrior Yoga in a different form.”

Humble Warrior Yoga statement

The company said that a search was underway for a new location in a bid to continue to work with the community locally, but added that it would nevertheless mean changes for those who used the studio for yoga sessions.

“When the studio opened three years ago, Humble Warrior Yoga was a dream. It was an idea about sharing a truer, more authentic, version of yoga, and to build a community of open minded and interested people willing to explore their own understanding and to share the rewards of this transformative practice.

“Since the studio doors opened, we have overcome so much. Between then and now we have been forced to close, we have taken our classes online, we have come back together in the studio, but are now facing the impacts of unsustainable increases in operating costs.

“The search has already begun for a new home of Humble Warrior Yoga. This will mean we offer fewer classes, it will mean that the teaching staff changes and shrinks, and that the way we offer classes and charge will also change – but what will not change is our vision and our philosophies.”

Humble Warrior Yoga statement

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