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Do calcium citrate and calcium carbonate have as much lead as calcium preparations made from dolomite and animal bones?

You may remember I’I researched the role calcium supplements can play in this reducing Lead exposure during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however the acceptit is the additions themselves are nÖT contaminated. Supplements with lreading?

It all started with an extraordinary case report released 1977, with the title Lead contaminated organic food. As I discuss in my video Lead in calcium supplements, a doctor required a dietary supplement for a young woman with painful periods. Not just any young Woman but. she was TV and Movie star Allison Hayes, famous for she Roles in films like Attack of the 50th Walking woman. And not just any doctor, but Dr. Henry Bieler, Star Doctor who told his patients to forget about toxic drugs; Food is your best medicinehow You can see in an ad posted at 12:44 a.m. in my. will be shown Video. Iin this case, it was a calcium supplement made from horse bones. she took it every day, but it got weaker and sicker, and over 1967, her acting career completed If you became Can’t walk without a stick. Mrs. Hayes looked doctor after doctor after doctor, 22 total, for free. she reported she closed she had three options: “(1) Commit suicide, (2) go to a psychiatrist to learn to live with the pain …; or (3) find the answer yourself. “

S.He had some friends drive her to a medical library. Until then she is could not even on foot and had to be carried inside. She sat on the floor in the library, day after day, and eventually came across a book on industrial toxicology which described it as a classic case of lead poisoning. She paid to have the calcium supplement tested, and, in fact it was full of lead. At first she was relieved. “Twhen the anger set in. “Doktor after doctor had essentially dismissed them as hysterical and, eventually, she had to rely on herself to educatee She.

That was the silver lining, in a letter, the US F.good and D.carpet Aadministration Strictly speaking credited “The intrepid actress to be an important impulse‘“ to the the Agency plans to address the regulation of heavy metals in food and dietary supplements. Unfortunately, the letter arrived after that Mrs. Hayes had already died of leukemia, which might have been Triggered from lead poisoning or the 300 x-Radiation tests they got from them 22 stunned doctors.

You wouldn’tYou think the supplement industry is cleaning up its own act? “IIt’s unrealistic too expect the to eat healthy food Industry and Wellness‘ Press to dampen their evangelistic promotion of these products one-sided “, ie alone.

Where is the lead even in their supplements I’m from? Remember, she took a calcium supplement made from horse bones. L.ead is stored in your bones, so if you to take Bone dietary supplements can be exposed to them. In this case, was that a calcium supplement is just that Tip of an iceberg? At first we thought so was only from the bone supplements and dolomite, a mineral that can be contaminated with lead, Bbut then calcium carbonate – oyster shell calcium, chelated calciumwas found to have a lead content comparable to that of animal bonesas you can see at 2: 56th in my Video. TThis inspired a comprehensive study of the lead content of 70 different brands of calcium supplements. As you can see in mine at 3:09 am Video, lReading levels diversified by almost 300 times, with some two, three, or also four times the tolerable daily lead intake for children. More than half of the most often, natural source of calcium additions, to like which contain Oyster shell, had lead intake rates exceeds the standard for children.

A follow-up study confirmed that most calcium supplements are from natural sources exceeded at least some of the strictest lead standards, but the levels only reached about 8 micrograms while some of the synthetic sources were up to three times thatas you can see in mine at 3:27 Video.

A small human study on calcium citrate was carried out in which bone Biopsies became taken before and after approx five Years supplement. As you can see in mine at 3:49 Video, there was noneo change in the control group, as expected, and only a statistically insignificant increase in the calcium citrate group. However, Öwhat cannoT accept that a particular brand is consistently safe as some of their products may contain high levels of lead and others low.What does that mean? “Patients and consumers should not assume safe lead levels in preparations that brand Surnames or are taken care of by recognized pharmaceutical companies“-This is, there is no guarantee, even if we know the manufacturer.

There are a few good news, although. AAfter decades of concern, levels of lead in calcium supplements have plummeted. actually, they came down so much that Changes in lead steps in your blood to take the average lead calcium supplement would be minimal at this point. So these findings on lead contamination of supplements should being a reason for celebration, no alarmat least after a Consultant for a Manufacturer of calcium supplements.

What an amazing one– and incredibly sad –Story.


  • The levels of lead in calcium supplements have declined after decades of concern, but even widely recognized pharmaceutical companies and well-known brand names cannot guarantee safety.
  • Lead is stored in bones, so taking calcium supplements made from bones, for example, can result in exposure.
  • Calcium carbonate (chelated calcium or oyster shell calcium) has also been found to have lead levels comparable to animal bones.
  • A survey of the lead content of 70 brands of calcium supplements found that more than half had lead intake rates that exceeded the guideline for children.
  • Famous actor from films such as Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Allison Haynes, took a calcium supplement made from horse bones every day and got so bad she could not walk. When doctors couldn’t diagnose her, she pored over books in a medical library, and after reviewing a book on industrial toxicology, discovered that she had classic lead poisoning.
  • The US Food and Drug Administration credited the late Ms. Haynes with providing “an important impetus” to their plans to consider regulating heavy metals in foods and supplements.

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