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Lake Yoga and Wellness(body positive, accessible)

Hi, I’m Tonya, and I’m fundraising to start a body-positive and accessible yoga studio in Fluvanna County Virginia, Lake Yoga and Wellness. I have been working with individuals with disabilities for 24 years. I am a licensed special education teacher and board-certified behavior analyst. I am a certified 200-hour yoga teacher working towards certification as a yoga therapist. I am also a woman living in a larger body and have experienced numerous barriers to accessing yoga myself. I am passionate about launching my online and brick-and-mortar yoga studio accessible to every body. My mission is to teach yoga to individuals who may have felt uncomfortable attending a traditional yoga studio at a gym due to the inaccessibility of location and/or yoga poses taught during the class. What happens if getting down on the floor during class is unavailable to you? What happens if you live in a larger body? What happens if you need to sit for the duration of class? What happens if you have sensory issues? What if you have a handicap? What happens if leaving home or even getting out of bed is not accessible to you? These scenarios often make the benefits of yoga inaccessible to a wide range of individuals. My goal is to launch an online and in-person yoga practice that does group classes with accessible options for every body. Additionally, I will offer 1:1 yoga consultations (in-studio, online or in-home) focusing on guiding individuals to obtain inner peace and well-being. I also plan on providing kids yoga and social-emotional learning groups a couple of days after school. All offerings are on a sliding scale to promote economic accessibility.

I have found the perfect location to begin sharing yoga with underserved individuals. However, I need some capital to get the site up and running. I need to purchase yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, straps and chairs for all individuals to have equal access to necessary props during group yoga classes. I will also use the funds to pay the rent at a local studio space for the first few months. A small portion of the funds will go towards sharing the word with my local and online communities.

I believe there is a strong need for genuinely accessible yoga offerings, and my goal is to share my knowledge and experience to inspire peace and well being in others’ lives.

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