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Kid-friendly yoga business emerges

After Hurricane Irma, Tina Breede conducted a children’s yoga class at Metropolitan Ministries for some of her school-age residents.

Breede, owner of Kidding Around Yoga with Tina, wanted to help relieve the stress of the storm.

“It’s something that really speaks to my heart,” she said. “The idea of ​​helping children who are in stress levels that we may never understand is really nice to me.”

Breede, a former preschool teacher, recently started Tina Kidding Around Yoga, which offers fun, engaging yoga classes for children ages 4 to 12. Classes take place at Green Locus Yoga in Citrus Park as well as at her home or at home. Locations. And she leads preschool yoga classes at two local schools.

Breede also runs courses for scout troops and other organizations, as well as birthday parties. Each class begins with meditation and discussion of the mantra: Peace begins with me.

“Peace is what we bring from within to respond to the things that are happening in our lives,” she said.

She pointed out that she is amazed at how young children take this concept up. In addition to being a fun activity that promotes flexibility and balance, Breede is also a stress reliever.

“I love working with teenagers because I think there is some level of stress now that maybe there wasn’t when we were teenagers,” she said.

Breede is currently certified to teach yoga from ages 2 to 12. However, she is starting a 200-hour yoga class to become fully certified for all ages.

For more information on Kidding Around Yoga with Tina, please call (813) 484-4673 or visit

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