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Jordon Bevan Releases New Book, “Psychological Principles of Power: Strategies and Skills to Transform Your Self”

“”An important book to help each of us gain control of our lives.” dr Melissa Caudle”

“Principles of Psychological Power,” provides a plan for psychological success and achievement that is based on tried-and-true ideas from psychology, philosophy, biology, business, and metaphysics.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – October 6, 2022 – Jordon Bevan is one of the foremost underground experts on achievement and personal growth. In his new book, “Principles of Psychological Power,” he provides you with a potent and tried-and-true set of concepts that you can use right away to improve your results in every aspect of your life. These principles are the product of years of research and application. Released on September 27, 2022, on Amazon, the book is available in paperback and eBook. Bevan says, “You pick up thoughts, ideas, and techniques employed by successful individuals everywhere and in all fields. You acquire the knowledge necessary to realize your own potential for greatness. You’ll instantly become more upbeat, convincing, and laser-focused in all you do.” Many of you who are reading this will have significantly increased your income and greatly enhanced your lives as a direct result of the knowledge provided here.


“Principles of Psychological Power,” provides a plan for psychological success and achievement that is based on tried-and-true ideas from psychology, philosophy, biology, business, and metaphysics. These concepts are brought together in a quick-moving, educational set of actions that can help you achieve greater things than you ever thought possible. They help you feel better about yourself, enhance your own performance, and grant you total control over every facet of your personal and professional life.

  • Learn How to Control Your Psychology
  • Learn How to Access the Most Powerful Psychological State for Your Well Being, Growth, And Performance
  • Learn To Simplify the Complexities of the Mind
  • Learn The Principle of Psychological Control
  • Learn The Principle of Psychological Cause and Effect
  • Learn About Psychological Beliefs
  • Learn About Psychological Expectations
  • Learn The Principle of Psychological Attraction
  • Learn About Psychological Correspondences
  • Learn The Principle of Psychological Equivalency
  • Learn How to Unleash Your Inner Psychological Power


Jordon Bevan, born April 18, 1993, is an American coach, author, and teacher in the realm of personal psychology and social dynamics. He grew up in the suburbs of Northeast Ohio and graduated high school in 2011. He moved out of his parent’s home at the age of 18- and lived in Akron, Ohio, where Jordon continued to study literature, exercise, and attend parties and night club events. In 2013 Jordon moved to Columbus, Ohio where he trained as a CrossFit athlete, coached clients on self-development philosophies, and partied with friends at Ohio State College Fraternities. While living in Columbus, Ohio- Jordon became fascinated with psychology and social dynamics and spent much of his time in the gym and the library. In 2015 Jordon moved to Las Vegas, Nevada – the nightlife capital of the world and was a nightlife dating coach spending every night out on the Las Vegas Strip helping high ticket clients improve their self-confidence, learn social dynamics, improve their dating skills, and change their lives. Jordon spent much of his free time in Las Vegas networking with nightclub VIPs, bikini models, DJ’s, and low-profile celebrities in the gambling scene. Jordon would often visit California – where he attended events at nightclubs and mansion parties in the Hollywood Hills. While in California he attended meditation retreats, and seminars and frequently practiced health and wellness exercises as the sun would rise on the beaches of LA and San Diego.


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