Is aloe effective for blood pressure, bowel inflammation, wound healing and burns?

I am discussing the risks and benefits of aloe vera.

“Aloe Vera is one of the most popular home remedies used today, but little most doctors know about it. Indeed most of them are deny it as useless while their patients firmly believe in its healing properties … The common tendency for most doctors and nurses is to dismiss any popular remedy available without a prescription as useless. The aloe plant deserves a closer look, however, because as surprising as it may seem, some of its uses may have a scientific basis. ”It was, after all Second hand Has been used medicinally by a number of ancient civilizations for thousands of years, but it has only recently been tested as I explain in my video Is aloe effective for blood pressure, bowel inflammation, wound healing and burns?.

But what kind of tests? They’re investigating whether aloe can do that improve Damage to albino rat testicles or affect the cholesterol and estrogen responses in juvenile goldfish?

Indeed if you do inject Aloe in the bloodstream of rats whose blood pressure drops, but when you Lining It does not appear to have any antihypertensive effects in humans. Drink aloe causes Colon tumors form in rats while it is appears have an anti-inflammatory effect on the human intestinal lining in a petri dish. But when testing for irritable bowel syndrome (IBD) there was no benefit found to improve symptoms or improving Quality of life in IBS patients. And there was no advantage found also for IBD.

What about the beneficial effects of aloe on wound healing? Obviously they are “so wonderful that they” to appear a myth rather than a fact. ”It is working if you cut open guinea pigs or freeze rabbit ears, as you do at 1:49 in my. able to see Video (although graphic images are warned), but in humans, it can make things worse. In fact, “Aloe Vera …” associated with delayed wound healing. ”The researchers examined 21 women who had wound complications after a caesarean section or other abdominal surgery. It took an average of 53 days to heal by itself, while the wounds treated with aloe vera gel took 83 days, 50 percent longer. Researchers thought the aloe would help based on animal testing, but when tested on humans it failed.

At this point in my research it looked like the only benefit of aloe is improve the quality of cheap beef burgers, a study found. But what about burns? Aloe was Second hand has been used to treat burns since ancient times, but in their timeless wisdom, people have also applied feces to burns so I wouldn’t trust ancient medical traditions too much.

That’s why we have science.

How effective is aloe vera gel compared to silver sulfadiazine as a wound dressing for second degree burns? “The introduction of topical antimicrobial agents has resulted to a significant reduction in burn mortality to date. ”Silver sulfadiazine is the most commonly used, but unfortunately it can delay wound healing and become toxic to the kidneys and bone marrow. So the researchers tried head-to-head against topical aloe gel. The result? The burns treated with aloe healed 50 percent faster and the pain disappeared about 30 percent faster. The researchers concluded that aloe had “remarkable effectiveness” in treating burn injuries. Does anyone see the flaw in this logic? What was missing from this study? A placebo control group. Why should that matter? Keep in mind that one of the side effects of silver sulfadiazine is delayed wound healing. So, maybe the aloe worked better just because it didn’t delay healing, but it wouldn’t have worked better than nothing.

When tested against nothing – aloe vera in petroleum jelly versus petroleum jelly alone – the aloe really seemed to help, Over speeding Healing by about a third. And indeed, if you put all of the studies together, aloe vera does to appear to significantly accelerate the healing of second degree burns. Fortunately, blister-like burns are less common than burns like sunburn, which just turn your skin red. How effective is aloe vera in preventing and treating sunburn? An aloe vera cream was applied to examine subjects 30 minutes before, immediately after or both before and after the burn with a UV lamp. Surprisingly, the “results showed that the aloe vera cream compared to placebo has no protection against sunburn or suntan and no effectiveness in treating sunburn.”

at least it is working If you have bladder infections, should we keep some aloe vera gel in the medicine cabinet? The problem is, aloe vera that you buy from the store may not contain no aloe vera at all. The product labels can to say Aloe vera is the first or second ingredient, but manufacturers seem to be lying. “There is no watchdog to make sure aloe products are what they say they are,” which means suppliers have an honor system – but too often, when health and nutrition are mixed with profit, honor goes a long way.


  • Aloe vera, a popular home remedy, has been used medicinally for thousands of years.
  • The results from studies with aloe vera in animals differed significantly from studies in humans. Rats’ blood pressure drops when they are injected with aloe, but there is no antihypertensive effect in humans, for example, and although drinking aloe leads to the formation of intestinal tumors in rats, it appears to have anti-inflammatory effects on the human intestinal lining, though no benefit was found for irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Aloe has been shown to be beneficial for wound healing in animals, but human wounds took 50 percent longer to heal when treated with aloe vera gel.
  • Aloe vera topical gel appears to significantly speed healing of second-degree blistering burns when compared to both a placebo control and silver sulfadiazine, the most widely used topical antimicrobial.
  • For minor burns like sunburn, researchers found that aloe vera cream wasn’t effective at protecting or treating sunburn when compared to placebo.
  • Aloe vera gels and creams may not contain aloe vera, even though they are listed as an ingredient, and with the industry not being monitored, the deception can go on.

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