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How the American Colin O’Brady trained for a solo trek through the Antarctic

  • The American explorer Colin O’Brady has just been the first person to cross Antarctica alone and without assistance.
  • He completed the 932 mile journey in 54 days, ahead of schedule.
  • O’Brady spent months training for the mission. His routine included Buddhist retreats, weight training, and a 400-mile hike in Greenland.

Colin O’Brady, a 33-year-old American adventurer, became the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unassisted when he reached the Ross Ice Shelf on Wednesday.

Anyone who tried to cross the southern continent before O’Brady gave up or died. However, O’Brady reached his finish line in just 54 days, completing a 932-mile journey well before his 70-day goal.

Since he was never replenished, O’Brady had to carry all of his gear and food on a 400-pound sled while skiing. Most of the sled’s weight came from the adventurer’s diet; He consumed about 7,000 calories a day during the hike. His meals consisted of oatmeal, freeze-dried dinners like chili, and special energy bars.

On Friday, O’Brady was still in Antarctica, waiting at Leverett Glacier for British explorer Louis Rudd to complete the same mission. The 49-year-old expects to reach the finish line on Saturday.

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Before starting his trip, O’Brady told Business Insider how he worked out mentally and physically. This was his routine in the months leading up to this historic success.

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