How Kim overcame thoughtless eating and maintained her balanced weight

Are you struggling to maintain a balanced weight? Do you find yourself overeating thoughtlessly or unintentionally?

If so, you know that you are not alone and that you are in the right place. Kim, one of our Mindful Nutrition Method ™ students, found she was experiencing the same thing. She mindlessly ate too much and felt really out of control.

She tried her best to respond to this lack of control by setting boundaries and rules about what to eat and when, but found herself in the same situation over and over again. Often overeating and feeling really upset and guilty afterwards.

Fortunately, Kim now has a whole new relationship with food. You no longer have to rely on these limits being set and rules being drawn up. She has the tools she needs in her toolbox to process mindless food and reduce the frequency significantly.

The challenge: Mindless eating

Kim shared that her biggest suffering while eating was the lack of control she felt. Feeling out of control and overeating in response to their emotions.

I had a lot of emotional eating and borderline binge eating that made me eat too much and felt out of control. “

She went on to explain that there were certain foods that she found particularly difficult without feeling out of control.

How she tried to overcome this in an unsupportive way

In response to this sensation and experience, Kim told me how she inadvertently restricted and established eating rules without even realizing it at the time.

I even had a locker in our house with food that I didn’t want to eat regularly or that I couldn’t control. I didn’t feel like I was labeling food, but now when I look back that I had a locker with these foods that were only allowed at certain times, there were definitely labels that I put on. “

Kim is not alone in this experience, it is so common when dealing with a difficult relationship with food. When individuals experience a lack of control, their knee-jerk reaction is often to exercise more control in response. For Kim, this was evident from the locker box and the rules that go with it.

For others, it could be a nutrition plan, a new diet protocol, diet rules, or a general reduction in intake. While there are many ways to do this, they are all just examples of limitations.

How their dietary rules and restrictions lead to thoughtless eating

As Kim reflected on her experience, she began to come to terms with the fact that her methods of tackling mindless eating continued the cycle.

“… there were definitely labels that I put on things and ways that I might have restricted that I didn’t really know were driving some of those binge eating or emotional eating urges.”

This cycle of senseless eating and restriction can really affect a person’s physical and mental health. It can make you feel like you are powerless and somehow deficient. In reality, we are not very supportive of the situation.

Fortunately, Kim looked for a supportive approach. She decided to break the cycle and create a new, balanced relationship with food for herself.

What helped Kim stop mindless eating and find her balanced weight?

In order to get out of the cycle of eating and restricting yourself, to stop feeling uncontrolled and anxious about eating, you need to discover a new way of thinking about food. You need to discover a new relationship with food.

Your new relationship with food must be free of food rules, regulations and restrictions. Instead, embody awareness, compassion, and mindfulness. A combination of nutritional knowledge, mindset shifts and reframes enables this balance and mindfulness to manifest itself over time.

After Kim joined our Mindful Nutrition Method ™ program and worked with one of our registered nutritionists, Kim was able to achieve just that.

“So much has changed. I feel like it’s night and day. I don’t have a locker anymore. My binge eating is very rare and when they do I now have tools to use and I’m still working on using them all the time but tools to manipulate them. I just feel like I’m much less afraid of food choices in general. ”

Let’s see how exactly Kim got here.

1. Learn how to confidently build balanced meals

If we are unsure about how to prepare meals, we can question ourselves and inadvertently make wrong decisions. Over time, this can lead to pointless eating and episodes of overeating. It can also lead to eating stress or anxiety.

Kim explained how the Foundational Five Framework helped her overcome this.

“With the Foundational Five Framework, I really have a way of balancing my meals so that I don’t feel like I’m restricting or consuming everything in that one period of time because I know that’s always in balance. So I have the feeling that I have a much more peaceful relationship with food. “

By introducing self-confidence and removing ambiguity, Kim was able to really find peace and ease with eating.

2. Away from perfection and towards compassion

It is the perfectionist mindset that forces so many restrictive food choices. When we feel that everything has to be perfect, extremes are introduced into our eating habits. Balance is no longer feasible, either we eat perfectly all the time or we say to ourselves: “Why bother?”

Kim began to realize this as she went through the method and learned that health is really a daily practice.

“… and also realize that it is, as you say, a daily practice, always, and that it will never be at a point where everything is perfect, but something that is, yes, daily and that I can decide For the daily balance. “

Introducing this compassion and understanding takes all pressure off. It makes eating accessible, doable and fun again. It is such an important part of eliminating good feelings of guilt and moving away from mindless eating.

She even noticed how that compassion helped her when she got out of her usual eating routines.

“I’ve been on vacation and stuff and had times when things were a little less balanced, but now, with all of these tools, I feel like I can come back from those times and get back to where I was. “

3. Remove the emphasis from the scales and find their weight balanced

Kim’s words say it best.

“Well, another thing I wanted to share that has really changed for me is the relationship with Libra and my body that I mentioned at the beginning, which with Erica’s help just improved so much. That is, I believe, something that may have contributed to my binge eating too, just seeing that number and realizing that there is power associated with it. Now I focus on how I feel and how I balance my diet every day. “

She used to be so focused on the number on the scales. This number had so much power over her that she realized that she might even have had binge eating and mindlessly ate more. But now she can take a look at the big picture.

She can focus on all of the phenomenal habits and practices she uses to prioritize her health and wellbeing.

“I had a weigh-in at my last doctor’s appointment and it’s a number that would normally have put me off and I would have said, ‘Ahhh,’ and it was fine. And I said, “I’m running now. I hardly ever run, I feel really good, I eat well. So that’s not that important to me anymore. ”And that’s just … again, another thing I didn’t know had such an impact on me, and this program just got me to do it recognize and helped me to heal it. “

This is such a beautiful example of how Kim found her weight balanced.

Your BA balanced weight is not determined by the number on the scale – a balanced weight is much more than just weight.

Your balanced weight is the physical state in which you embody balanced eating habits. You have a mindful approach to food and a positive relationship with food and your body.

It means no stress when eating and endless confidence in yourself about your eating habits. It is when you are able to experience self-confidence and practice self-compassion while still making changes and changes to your current habits and routines.

Kim has found her balanced weight, and so can you.

Learn the practices of Kim for quitting thoughtless eating and finding her balanced weight

This is such a nice transformation from Kim. We are so grateful to be a part of her journey to make all of this possible for her!

Now, in our free master class, you can experience exactly how Kim and so many other students are experiencing this transformation of their eating habits with our The Mindful Nutrition Method ™.

You don’t have to stress and obsess about food. There is a better way and yes it is possible to have a positive relationship with food! Take this free balanced diet master class to learn how.

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