How Kelsey went from being constantly stressed and thinking about food to feeling good

Are you constantly stressed about food? Has food become ubiquitous where you spend most of the day thinking about it?

Well, Kelsey, one of our Mindful Nutrition Method™ students, found that she felt exactly the same way. She was very stressed about the food. She realized that she was spending most of her day thinking about food, which was really starting to affect her life.

As a law student working part-time and as an intern, she needed the way she nurtured herself to really support everything she did. But the problem was that she couldn’t shake the need for perfectionism, achieving certain physical results, or the all-or-nothing mentality.

The good news is that she is now free of all the stress that food has been causing in her life. She has developed a new, unique, balanced relationship with food. She feels much more in tune with her needs and sees her health from a more holistic perspective.

Watch this video to hear from Kelsey all about her journey to restore balance!

The challenge: perfectionist and all-or-nothing mentality

Kelsey shared that she’s struggled with eating a balanced and consistent diet for most of her life – ever since she was a teenager.

She realized she was so stressed out about food because of her perfectionism and all-or-nothing attitude.

“I was definitely the kind of person who was a perfectionist at everything, especially food and eating, and definitely got on the stop-and-start cycle and felt like I had to start over and jump back on that train.”

She added how the age of Instagram and social media has amplified this with all the different diet advice being shared.

“I felt like I had all this different information but had no idea how to use it without feeling like I had to do it perfectly. And if I don’t do it perfectly, then it’s not worth it.”

That mindset really impacted Kelsey’s life beyond what she ate. She shared that it took all of her mental energy.

“I didn’t realize how intense food was in my life. And I’ve been thinking about it the whole time. Everything was, ‘Okay, where will I eat? How will this meal be? is it healthy Unhealthy? Is it good or bad food? How do I get back on the wagon? Oh I fell off the wagon so I’m going to eat a whole pizza tonight.’”

How she tried to overcome this in an unsupportive way

Kelsey tried plan after plan. Each time she told herself that she would be able to make this plan a reality and that it would finally be what she needed. She would finally stop stressing about food.

“I tried everything, I looked for a solution. I was looking for something that would just give me, here are the 10 steps I need to follow. And I feel like I’ve tried them all and I’ve looked at all of them and I’ve read them all and I’ve followed people who are like, ‘Oh, that’s the thing. This will make your life so much better. This will help you lose as much weight as you want and make you the healthier you have ever been.’”

“None of these plans were sustainable for a real lifestyle. It was really hard to even go shopping. I felt like I was eating way too much, I was spending a lot, and I never stuck to the 30-day or six-week or two-month plans, whatever it was. I kept falling off the wagon and couldn’t make them sustainable.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. These plans, diets and detoxes really aren’t sustainable for real life. This is exactly why so many people continue to struggle with perfectionism and the all-or-nothing cycle.

These trendy diets and plans thrive on people who think like this. For individuals who are stressed about food, overwhelmed by nutritional information and unsure of what is really right for them.

But luckily Kelsey was looking for something different this time. She decided to break the cycle and create a new, balanced relationship with food for herself.

What helped Kelsey stop stressing about food?

To break the diet cycle, eliminate the all-or-nothing mentality, and stop fretting about food, you need to discover a new way of thinking about food. You must discover a new relationship with food.

This new relationship must be unique to you and your needs. It must be tailored to your individuality. A balanced relationship like this allows you to tune into your body, feel confident in your own decisions, and free yourself from the stress of Libra.

It’s about figuring out what works for you, rather than fitting into a diet or plan that someone else swears by. So let’s examine in detail how Kelsey did it!

1. Tune in to their body to find what works best for them

One of the main concepts we focus on within the Mindful Nutrition Method™ is listening to your body’s signals. Students learn to tune into their bodies and trust the messages it sends so they can feel confident in the decisions they make for themselves.

This helps eliminate the feeling of being constantly stressed about food.

Learning this skill allowed Kelsey to look at her needs in a different way. She checked in day-by-day rather than feeling like she had to override her cues and follow a 30-day plan. She worked with her body instead of working against it.

“The biggest shift for me is to really learn and use what you teach to get in touch with myself and not let someone else tell me what to feel or do. I could really tune into it, which I’ve never really been able to do before. Now I’m my best advocate – I know what’s best for me.”

The check-in practices we teach within the program guide you to tune into your body. They allow you to become aware of the patterns you have with your eating habits. You will then learn how to best align your actions with what works best for you.

This inner knowing makes it much easier to make changes. You no longer follow what someone else tells you. Instead, use your own confidence to feel secure in what allows you to feel your best.

2. Shifting their focus from a physical outcome to a deep caring for themselves

One big shift Kelsey had in regards to her eating habits was letting go of the need to define health by the number on the scale. Instead, she learned to look at it more holistically. This allowed her to let go of those perfectionist tendencies and just focus on taking care of herself so she could find her balanced weight.

This took away the pressure, stress and guilt she previously felt on a daily basis.

“I used to define health by the number on the scale or how I looked, my weight, and I don’t define it that way at all anymore.”

  • “It’s do I have the mental clarity?
  • Do I have the energy to show myself to the best of my ability every day?
  • Can I achieve the goals I want to have every day?
  • Can I work to create a better world for myself and my friends and family and for everyone?”

“I feel like I’m so much more in tune with what I need, what I need to nourish myself both externally (how does my body look and feel) and internally, to giving myself the time to really recharge and show myself a way in the world that I’ve always wanted to show.”

“So much has changed, how I view my health, how I want to take care of myself. It’s much more holistic. I now see myself as a whole person, my health as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, everything. And I’ve never done that to myself or my health.”

Learn the practices Kelsey used to stop being so stressed about food

That’s such a beautiful transformation from Kelsey. We are so grateful that we were a part of her journey and made all of this possible for her!

Now you can learn exactly how Kelsey, along with so many other students, experienced this transformation in their eating habits with our The Mindful Nutrition Method™ by watching our free masterclass.

You’ll learn about the #1 habit that’s making you struggle with your weight and your relationship with food – and how you can break free from diet and food obsessions, starting right now.

No need to fret and obsess over the food. There is a better way and yes it is possible to have a positive relationship with food! Join this free balanced nutrition master class to learn how.

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