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Derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, yoga means “yoke or unite”. As a practice, yoga has its origins in ancient India and combines breath and thoughtful poses and movements to connect the mind and body. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular and many new trends are emerging, including Broga, which aims to make yoga more attractive to men by combining yoga and high-intensity interval training. Goat yoga is exactly what it sounds like, while stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga in the water is a challenging variation that prompts both novice and experienced yogis to focus on balance and core strength. In aerial yoga, participants practice poses in the air.

Many people enjoy yoga not only because it can provide intense or gentle workouts, but also because yoga has many health benefits, including improving strength, balance, and flexibility. A review of multiple studies by Johns Hopkins showed that gentle yoga can help people with arthritis by reducing swelling in the joints and relieving discomfort. Yoga also helps in reducing stress and blood pressure, while aiding in weight loss and maintenance. The age-old practice is also great for general mental help, promoting increased relaxation and improved mood.

With all the benefits of yoga, it’s no wonder that yoga retreats are also becoming increasingly popular. Retreats have become a massive money maker in the industry, and many travel and fitness sites, including Travel + Leisure, have lists of the best yoga retreats around the world.

Before embarking on a vacation retreat, you may want to try a course or two. Sunday Citizen has compiled a list of the best yoga experiences across the country based on reviews and review data from Tripadvisor. Five star activities were selected by the website and ranked by total number of reviews. The list includes a variety of courses for every type of yogi.

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