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Gen Z shopping trends uncovered

BNPL solutions help convert sales. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 123 percent more Gen Zs have consumed BNPL than before, the highest intake of all generations. In April 2021, a third of Gen Z said they were likely to use BNPL solutions in the future.

For Lisiewski, cross-channel skills also play a role in increasing purchases. “Although people miss in-store shopping, everyone loves the convenience of being online: online exclusives and easy returns.” When the blocking restrictions wear off, he says, “Omnichannel will really be Omnichannel.”

Hopeful and healthy mindsets increase sales

Gen Z also shops to stay relevant and to lift their spirits.

The searches for summer dresses in April at Depop increased by 290 percent compared to the previous year. “Our community has been looking for something to wear outside of the home, and they look forward to the prospect of dressing up when the world opens up again,” says Semple.

The study shows that respondents from all age groups increased their athleisure spending by 49 percent from August 2020 to April 2021, which is a big boost given the dominance during the lockdown. Heaf says the ongoing shift towards an emphasis on health and wellness will remain and reports continued strong growth for Nike’s women’s yoga business. Speaking on fitness, he says that “the pandemic has put the spotlight on the changing role of sport in our lives” and that it is “an incredible opportunity to build on and continue to inspire these behaviors”.

The Jordan Brand MA-2, which launched in 2021, is a unisex and subtly deconstructed expression of the Jordan brand designed to provide comfort for nimble feet.


The most common product purchased with BNPL during the pandemic was shoes. Sneakers are the item that they invest the most in. The study confirms that shoe and sneaker sales rose 59 percent from August 2020 to April 2021 in sales of $ 175 million “.

“Gen Z is such a big and influential generation, and it will drive cultural change on so many fronts – including consumer behavior,” said Semple of Depop. “[They look] To inspire their peers and social media more than they would look at traditional “top-down” fashion inspiration, as previous generations may have done, which is reflected in what they buy, how they buy it and from whom. “

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