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My new videotape – the 56th if you can believe it! – is available now. In it, I discuss Leaky Gut, Inflammation, the potato series that I presented in a webinar a few months ago, and more. it is available as streaming video so you can watch it right away. Every video from this new collection will be released online over the next few months and will of course be available for free, but if you don’t want to wait, you can watch them all via stream at the moment.

And keep that in mind when you watch the videos on or Youtube, you can access subtitles in several different languages. To find yours, click on the settings wheel in the lower right corner of the video and then on “Subtitles / CC”. Have fun watching!

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Recipe: Roasted Kabocha with Kale and Cranberry Filling

Kabocha is a Japanese pumpkin, and this recipe makes a perfect hearty meal. Instead of bread cubes, the filling for this dish is made with my Basic BROL, combined with onions, celery, kale and cranberries. The recipe, originally published in The Cookbook How Not To Diet, may be found here. And see our Instagram for a video about how it’s done.

Key takeaways: sweet potatoes

During the During my medical school in the harsh Boston winters, I took two sweet potatoes out of the microwave and put them in my coat pockets to keep my hands warm. After they cooled down, I had healthy snacks to take with me! They are one of my favorite vegetables and I eat them regularly to check the boxes of “other vegetables” on my Daily Dozen checklist. For more information and my videos on the subject, visit the Topic Page.

New degree in plant-based nutrition

I am often asked: “How can I professionally promote evidence-based nutrition?” There is a new way of getting involved in our area! Loma Linda University has just launched a new Master of Science program in plant-based nutrition. Look at the details here.

Volunteer Spotlight: Joan Davis

“For the past five years, I’ve been moderating questions and answers from commentators on the videos and blogs that Dr. Greger created so brilliantly. As a nurse and former teacher, I appreciate the opportunity to provide answers, which often include clarification, detective work, and sometimes even new discoveries. The ability to do this every week makes it especially rewarding to contribute to NF’s important, life-saving goals!

My favorite wholesome, plant-based meal is a green salad with beans and healthy carbohydrates and topped with seeds, nuts and sprouts! “

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Our extended Black Friday sale is live and runs until November 29th! All merchandise on is 20% off, including some brand new limited-time items. Listen.

The three best videos

Hand raised with a rock sign above the crowd at the heavy metal concertThe dangerous effects of heavy metal music: How can we reduce the rare but very real risk of headbanging?

Wooden bowl with raw mushrooms on a dark backgroundMedicinal mushrooms for cancer survival: Have the five randomized controlled trials of Reishi mushrooms in cancer patients shown benefits in terms of tumor response rate, survival time, or quality of life?

Multigrain muesli with fresh berriesOchratoxin in breakfast cereals: One of the few food contaminants found in higher concentrations in a plant-based diet is mycotoxins, fungal toxins in moldy food ingredients like oats.

Live questions and answers

picture by dr gregerBecause of my writing plan for my next book, How not to age, I will be taking a break from Q & As until April 2022. In the meantime, please find links to previous live Q & As here on And remember, I have one Audio podcast also to keep you company.

In health,
Michael Greger, MD

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