Fit After 50 Reviews – Real Results for Men or Negative Customer Scam Complaints

Only some people are eager to see themselves age as many aspects of it seem daunting. While many things are out of your control, your health is one of the few things you, thankfully, can be responsible for. Fit After 50 is just the program you need if you want to get back on your feet or if you are looking for a challenge or a change.

Aging can cause several health issues, from muscle loss to fatigue, poor organ performance, and overall loss of body functions. However, learning to move regularly can reduce some of these symptoms and give you back a sense of your youth. Not only does exercise modify your body from the outside in, but it also reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. Therefore, working out is a source of happiness and a coping mechanism that helps improve mental health.

With Fit After 50, the program believes your prime days are just beginning! And it ensures that you look good, feel good, and enjoy what you do.

What Is Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 is a workout program by Mark Mcilyar for men in their fifties and older. Mark Mcilyar wants to help middle-aged and older men with their fitness and weight loss journey. Mark Mcilyar, now titled ‘The Ripped Grandpa,’ is a health enthusiast, a qualified personal trainer, and an entrepreneur from Texas, USA.

As he grew older, Mcilyar noticed a lack of energy and a loss of the muscle density his body once had. He struggled with his weight, body aches, and a loss of identity.

After experimenting with different workouts and health advice, he found a combination that worked well for him, and now he wants to share his knowledge with other men who want to feel good about their bodies. What’s more, is that the program comes with easy workouts and minimal equipment.

The program prioritizes time, efficiency, and finances. Many men cannot find the time to go to the gym, and only some can afford a personal fitness trainer or a gym membership. So, working with these two factors in mind, Mark Mcilyar devised a workout plan that is both times efficient and money-saving.

Fit After 50 Design

The Fit After 50 program is split into three vital phases. First comes the burn, then the build, and finally sculpt. In each stage, the trainee has a target to achieve in their weight loss journey. These three stages are as follows:


Firstly, in the burn phase, the program prioritizes your comfort as you ease into the routine. Getting your muscles used to the new moves is essential, and eventually warming up to moving regularly is vital. Through the Burn phase, sensory cells familiarize themselves with the muscle-memory functions of your body.

Furthermore, in this routine segment, your workouts are cardio-focused to introduce your body to exercise with reduced risks of injury. Instead of pushing your body into an intensive activity, it has time to regulate itself at a steady pace while still allowing you to burn fat fast.


Secondly, in the Build phase, the focus shifts to enhancing your physique. The workouts increase in intensity for the next four weeks to increase your muscle mass. Muscle growth comes with pumped-up testosterone levels and weight gain, which is all part of a careful process to unlock your lean body.


Finally comes the last stage, the Sculpt phase. Most of the bulk disappears in this phase, revealing the defined body underneath. Through a careful fat-burning and toning scheme, your body leans out more into your hard-earned physique.

Fit After 50 Features

Fit After 50 features several comprehensive components to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Metabolic Strength Training Cardio and Ab Routines

Firstly, the program includes metabolic strength training to help boost your strength levels while sculpting your physique. Your metabolism is how your body carries out all its necessary processes, from digestion to blood oxygenation. Therefore, your metabolic system is one of the most important aspects of fitness.

By increasing its efficiency, you increase your rate of fat loss. Strength training encompasses challenging the body physically by adding weight (be it body weight or equipment). Strength training conditions your body to work harder, promoting muscle building. It is an efficient way to increase your metabolic activity.

Cardio and ab routines are crucial areas in fitness. Though gym enthusiasts often neglect cardio, it promotes more weight loss by putting you in a more significant calorie deficit. Furthermore, cardio increases your endurance and strengthens your heart’s performance.

Ab workouts also improve your core, optimizing your strength training performance. It keeps your body strong, helping you with balance and strength training movements.

Recovery-Centered regimen and a 12-week Nutritional Guide

Another significant element of the training program is its recovery. The body is not a machine that works continuously without fault. Overworking can lead to injury and poor performance.

Therefore, through recovery, your body rests and replenishes its energy. In Mcilyar’s Fit After 50 recovery regiment, less strenuous movements allow your body to slow down and recover from the intensity of the training.

The next feature is the nutritional guide. Without a good diet, working out is pointless and maladaptive. In the guide, Mcilyar provides detailed guidance on choosing better meals to help you reach your goals. With the manual, capitalize on your training and increase weight loss and lean mass.

T-Level Guide and Illustrations Guide

Testosterone levels (known as T-Levels) indicate the hormonal activity in a man’s body. A T-Level guide shows signs and symptoms linked to your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a vital hormone that affects sexual health and plays a critical part in blood cell production.

Training can increase testosterone production, particularly in older men who experience a hormonal imbalance between testosterone and estrogen.

Though the workouts are easy to follow, Mcilyar understands how difficult it is to start the journey. With a comprehensive illustrations guide, you get professional assistance on how to perform moves with little risk of injury.

Fit After 50 Benefits

Short Effective Exercises

Many people despise the idea of spending hours and a fortune on their health. However, with this well-structured workout program, you get rid of stubborn fat at an affordable price. Mcilyar makes the program effective and efficient with short workouts, so you don’t have to spend hours training.

Furthermore, the program promotes healthy weight loss while also building muscle mass. The combination of cardio and strength training creates a more significant calorie deficit while allowing your muscle to form.

Good for Mental Health

Equally crucial in fitness is feeling confident and having a positive view of yourself. Shedding the fat layers away may change how you see yourself. Not only this, but it also has a positive impact on your mental health, as it is scientifically proven that regular exercise is good for your mental well-being.

It can reduce your anxiety and symptoms of depression. Not only because you are setting your mind to an ultimate goal but also because exercise releases endorphins which improve your mood. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing yourself get closer to the results of your labor!

Additionally, one of the perks of this program is better flexibility, posture, and libido. Working out and leading a life of fitness health loosens tight joints and straightens your posture. Furthermore, it increases your sex drive, enhancing your performance in the bedroom.

Lean Body

Fit After 50 is not only a means to get in your daily exercise. It is meant to keep the weight off permanently, giving you a lasting well-built body and youthful appearance.

The training scheme is more than just a set of workout plans to increase your bone density. It applies healthy nutritional advice to give you lasting results that you can be happy with.

Modifying your diet will help fuel you for your workouts and optimize your performance while keeping you fuller for longer. Some of the suggestions include reducing sugar and opting for whole foods.

Though a guide is provided illustrating the movements, there is still a high risk of injury. The diagrams cannot replace a live trainer or a video-based medium that better shows how to do the movements safely.

Fit After 50 Pros

  • They are specially designed for 50-year-old and above men.
  • Promotes healthy weight loss while assisting with muscle building
  • Affordable and time effective
  • Increases flexibility, posture, and libido
  • Improves mental health and body image perception
  • Includes nutrition as an integral part of weight loss and a healthy weight maintenance regimen

Fit After 50 Cons

  • Excludes Personal Health History

Fit After 50 FAQs

Q: What does testosterone do in the body?

A: Testosterone is found in both men and women. However, men have a higher production of the hormone. It is responsible for bone density, sexual libido, strength, and muscle mass.

It is a crucial hormone in the reproduction of blood cells and sperm. Exercise can increase testosterone production, particularly in middle-aged and older men.

Q. Do customers need a gym membership to use the program?

A. No gym membership is required to use Mark Mcilyar’s program; he states that users of the program, at most, only need a set of dumbells and resistance bands, and the program offers several substitution exercises for those just starting.

Q: Can you tone your body after 50?

A: Yes, you can. You can sculpt your body to reveal muscular areas with a good workout plan emphasizing strength training and cardio. Equally important is a healthy high-protein diet.

By pairing a good workout regime and a good diet, you can improve your workouts, pushing yourself further each time to build muscle and enhance its appearance.

Q: Is Fit After 50 a good program?

A: Fit After 50 has received positive reviews and testimonials from buyers. Not only was it created by a trained specialist in health and fitness, but it also comes with scientifically-backed information on how to lose weight and build muscle to enhance your training performance while giving you a physique you can be proud of with a body difference within seven days of starting the program.

Furthermore, the prices make it more accessible to men who cannot afford a hefty gym membership.

Q: Can customers build muscle in their fifties?

A: It is possible to regain muscle in your fifties, even if you never had it. Training constantly and keeping a healthy diet can help you build muscle. Keeping the workouts challenging challenges your muscles to keep working and growing, keeping you toned and sculpted while losing weight simultaneously.

For added support, increase your protein intake. Protein is a crucial nutrient in muscle-building as it helps the body heal and forms new tissue, which muscle is made of.

Q: Is Fit After 50 personalized for individual needs?

A: Unfortunately, the program is not personalized to individual needs. For instance, low-calorie diets are challenging to implement, even with a comprehensive guide like Mcilyar’s program.

Calorie consumption relies heavily on an individual’s body measurements and activity level, whether in the workplace or lifestyle. A one-fits-all meal approach may not be practical for all with varying personal histories. Additionally, individual results of the regimen also vary widely.

However, you can use this program as a guide and make small changes based on your personal disease history or nutritional needs. Furthermore, you can consult with your trainer or physician to make the necessary changes according to what you need.

Purchasing Fit After 50

Fit After 50 is instantly available once payment is complete from the official website for $37. Each purchase offers free bonus materials to support success in reshaping your body. These are:

  • A 12-Week Fit After 50 nutrition plan
  • Fit after 50 exercise illustrations and execution guide
  • Know My T-Levels

A 365-day money-back guarantee backs Fit After 50. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Product Support Email:
  • Order Support Email:

Fit After 50 Conclusion

In conclusion, Fit After 50 has several health advantages for men approaching their elderly. Unlike other programs styled to fit anyone, it is for men in their fifties and sixties who want to revive their healthier selves.

Like any product, the program comes with pros and cons. For starters, it boosts weight loss while increasing physical strength. The brisk movements promote fat loss, and it is time efficient to fit into a busy life.

Not only do you look good and feel strong, it further reduces risks associated with being overweight, such as high blood pressure. It is a mild form of training that gives you prompt results!

On the other hand, if you do not perform the moves correctly, you risk injuring yourself or making the exercises ineffective. Furthermore, results differ for each client as our bodies work differently.

Therefore your weight loss or muscle gain may look different from someone else’s. Enjoy the journey and, over time, come to love the new body you work hard for by using Mark Mcilyar’s 50 After Fifty for Men program.


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