Every little thing it’s essential find out about superfood powders like moringa, bee pollen, and extra …

Heard of bee pollen? It’s another unique superfood powder that can be sprinkled on salads, granola, yogurt, smoothies, or juices to give that high a head start before a demanding day or before a rigorous fitness routine. Sriram Iyer, founder of Theo Organics, explains: “Bee pollen is the product of buzzing bees who collect pollen from flowers to mix with nectar and their own secretions. Since this serves as a food source for their little ones, it is full of protein, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Preferred by athletes and athletes, when consumed regularly, it is also known to relieve seasonal allergens. “


Since our intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is less than the recommended amount, green superfood powder is considered a supplement to our daily nutrient quota. However, you cannot replace fresh, healthy vegetables or cooked dals on a daily basis. Rashida Vapiwala, food label specialist and founder of LabelBlind, breaks the myth that these are magic pills: “Green superfood powders seem very exciting, simple and practical. However, they are not comparable to the benefits that freshness brings to our bodies. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and cooked lentils are a source of water, fiber, enzymes and prebiotics that support our satiety, digestive, intestinal and metabolic health. “

It is advisable to use food powders only occasionally as a substitute for healthy vegetables and fruits. Recommended to have as a side dish with your regular meal. “We don’t need superfood powders when we have fresh fruit and vegetables every day. A variety of our daily fruit and vegetable consumption ensures that we get the nutrients we need to stay fit and healthy. A balanced diet is the cornerstone of good health, and superfood powders can complement, not replace, ”concludes Rashida Vapiwala!

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