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Doom of Love ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Doom of Love which will contain spoilers.

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The film begins with Firat slowly waking up from a coma, and we watch the journey of how he got there. One of the final shots is of Firat closing his eyes and peacefully dying, so we have this full-circle moment, which is very nice but also very cliche.

Towards the end, we learn that Firat, Lidya, and Yusuf were in a serious car accident. We are led to believe that when Firat wakes up he goes on a romantic, maverick quest during the Covid lockdown to find his love. When he finds her, it’s as if her parents have kidnapped her and are once again controlling her life. Together, they steal a car and escape the clutches of her overbearing yet charmingly concerned parents and take themselves back to her peaceful, tranquil house in the woods and her beloved dog.

Netflix film Doom of Love ending explained

As they walk up the glorious landscapes, they’re being led to their happy ending, a house in the mountains. Here they find Yusuf and realize that they are all, in fact, dead. While crying, they embrace that they now don’t have the hardships of real life, intense work, debt, controlling families, and can be with each other in a world that they can design. Throughout the film, they were constantly trying to escape their lives through multiple yoga and meditation retreats. While this may be seen as a way to distract and not confront your problems, it is also a way to embrace change and fear and not be afraid to start again. The pair now can finally be together forever.

As there is a montage of spoken word over imagery, it reads, “the end is a pessimistic name for a new beginning,” which is a wonderful way to embrace death, change, and anything that you are scared of ending. What I took away from this is to find peace and happiness while you’re alive. While there are teachings that death is not the end and it is, in fact, a new beginning, we do not truly know what happens when we die. This film might give you some peace. The ending was a beautiful sentiment and more powerful and emotional than I thought. The teachings of yoga are peaceful and mindful, and the end can very much be a new beginning.

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