Does Coconut Oil Help With Belly Fat?

What does a Review of the evidence on the effects of coconut oil on weight loss and belly fat Find?

I start mine Video Flashback Friday: coconut oil and belly fat with a popular infographic that surprised me demonstrate the, apparently, there is promising evidence that coconut oil may help with obesity. Well if you to fill the stomachs of rats with purified medium-chain fatty acids, a component of coconut oil, eat less food, as you can see in mine at 0:25 Video, But you don’t know if there is relevance to human until you put it to the test.

Researcher compared Eat breakfast with the same amount of milk fat, coconut fat or tallow (beef fat) and it didn’t affect hunger, satiety, satisfaction or how much that subjects then went to lunch. W.this is where this idea came about that coconut oil Iis somehow different from other fats I’m from? six An open label pilot study was published years ago. Researcher asked 20 men and women to eat two Tablespoon of coconut oil each Day for a month. As you can see in mine at 1:03 Video, the men seemed to be NS about an inch from her waist. but, since it was a Open label to learn, the participants knew what they were eating. Tit wasn’t here a Placebo control. In fact, there was no control group at all. Because of this, we can not know if the effects would have happened anyway, even without coconut oil. Indeed, there Ian effect recognized in nutritional studies where just being in a nutritional study under observation tends to lead to a reduction in Calorie intake because the subjects know they are being weigheded and watched.

We finally have a controlled study of coconut oil and waists in men and women in 2015. There were about a hundred men and women given about a tablespoon of coconut oil a day for three Months andas you can see in mine at 1:51 Video, lost almost an inch from her waist compared to the control at the end of the course. What did the control group get instead of coconut oil? Nothing. There was no placebo, so the Researcher to compareed to do something without doing nothing. W.Hen one does the, However, there IIt’s often a placebo effect, regardless of the actual effectiveness of the treatment. What is more, the Researcher recommended the the coconut oil group might want theirs Daily dose with fruit. If the subjects ended eat more fruit, that can in itself have helped with weight loss because, despite its sugar content, fruit consumption tends to increase with it Anti-obesity effects.

What we need determine when coconut oil has something Type of The special effect is to give people a spoonful of coconut oil one spoon from another Oil and see if there is a difference. W.hen Researcher did just thatgive the subjects either two Daily Tablespoon of coconut oil or Soybean oilthere was no significant difference in waistline. But, the coconut oil group has an important increase insulin resistance, which eventually causes type 2 diabetes, aand this was Despite Instruction received to multiply fruits and vegetables consumption and Reduce sugar and animal fat and participation in an exercise program with 50 minutes of walking per day, four Days a week.

The only other placebo-controlled study on coconut oil and waists was released in 2017 andas you can see in mine at 3:18 Video, the explorers found no significant changes in weight, Waist or hips, total fat, belly fat or buttocks. No advantage of coconut oil over placebo for obesity was found in every study so far. How then Can coconut oil advocates get away with saying otherwise? THey, like to talk about college again demonstrate this pacific IDefamations who ate more traditional coconut-based diets aThey are leaner than those who eat a more modern diet with fewer coconut products. Ok bthe end What became which follow the “modern nutritional pattern” eat instead? The modern diet [was] is characterized above all by a high consumption of sausages and Eggs and processed foods… “


  • When researchers compared morning meals with equal amounts of fat from dairy products, coconut oil and tallow (beef), no effect on hunger, satiety, satisfaction or the amount then consumed during lunch was found.
  • The idea that coconut oil is unique from other fats seems to come from an open-label study with no placebo or a control group, and since the subjects knew what they were eating, we have no way of knowing what, if any, effect the coconut oil had can have.
  • A controlled study of coconut oil and waistline was also unsatisfactory in that the control group did not receive a placebo. Therefore, the researchers compared something to doing nothing, which can lead to a placebo effect. In addition, those in the coconut oil group have been told that they can take their daily dose with fruit, and increased fruit intake may itself help with weight loss.
  • Finally, a study was done where subjects were given two tablespoons of coconut oil or soybean oil daily and no significant difference in waistline was found. However, the coconut oil group has seen a significant increase in insulin resistance, which can cause type 2 diabetes.
  • To date, no benefit from coconut oil has been found over placebo in obesity.

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