Does cell phone radiation affect fertility?

How does cell phone radiation affect sperm motility and DNA damage?

“Are men? talk their reproductive health gone? ”There have “Inexplicable deteriorations in semen quality have been reported in several countries”. Could Cell Phones Play A Part? “High frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from these devices could potentially affect the development and function of sperm cells.” Bristles at the “R word”, prefer the more harmless sounding “HF EMFs” against radiation. However, it makes sense that “radiation” from snake oil hucksters is used by “radiation protection” devices. Radiation does not have to be atomic bomb gamma radiation. It can only be the warm sunshine on your face that is also radiation. The question is: is the specific type of radiation emitted by cell phones influence male fertility? I discuss this in my video Do Cell Phones Reduce Sperm Count?.

After the “World Health Organization (WHO) officially” explained that cell phones …[could possibly] Cause brain cancer ”, many switched to hands-free devices, kept their phones in their pants and used Bluetooth or another technology – away from the brain but“ close to the gonads ”. The researchers pooled all of the studies, including nearly 1,500 semen samples, and found that “cell phone exposure” connected with with reduced sperm motility … and viability “, although not necessarily the sperm concentration.

How much was your swimming ability impaired? Sperm motility appeared to be about 8 percent lower, but that alone may not lead to decreased fertility unless you start with marginal sperm count. It could be better, avoid Keep an active cell phone “in your pocket for an extended period of time” near your crotch, especially if you are a man who already is Has Fertility problems. Cell phone exposure can be just one of many “modern environmental pressures” that could add up. For example, WiFi can be a problem. Researcher have Semen samples from more than a thousand men, and “the total number of motile sperm …

However, these were all observational studies. Perhaps men who use Wi-Fi tend to just smoke more, or maybe they ride horses more, and that is the reason for the apparent connection. You don’t know … until you put it to the test. Unfortunately, many of the studies were done in rats. While the microwaves sent out not from a cell phone appear Affecting rat testicles can be argued that one cannot necessarily extrapolate from these animal models because, for example, their scrotums are “not hanging”, that is, their testicles are more likely to swing around inside than outside of their body.

“Unless proven otherwise, it is recommended that those with subfertility problems may not want to keep their cell phones in their front trouser pockets “in the immediate vicinity of the testicles. Even when not in use, cell phones periodically emit radiation “to further ping their location. The main burden, however, is in call mode when the device can still remain in the pocket thanks to headsets or Bluetooth. Then what happens if you have it around other common metal objects? I’m showing a cross section at crotch height at 3:02 in mine Video. You may have a metal zipper on the pants and a key ring along with your phone in your pocket. “When all three objects were added, the SAR [the amount of radiation absorbed] both in the leg and in the testicles was generally raised and roughly doubled … “

This is only a problem if the radiation actually damages the sperm. Can’t someone design a study where you simply wave a cell phone over human sperm in a petri dish to see if there’s a problem? The researchers did just that, and as you can see in mine at 3:35 am Video, found significantly more DNA fragmentation in sperm exposed to cell phone radiation, starting within one hour of exposure. This is such a dramatic effect that after trying to get pregnant, women may not want to put their phone in their pocket for a few days so as not to further endanger the sperm.


  • Inexplicable deteriorations in semen quality have been reported in several countries and radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from cell phones may play a role.
  • After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that cell phones can cause brain cancer, many switched to hands-free kits and started using bluetooth or other technology while keeping their phones in their pants, away from the brain. Researchers found that cell phone exposure is linked to decreased sperm motility and viability, but not necessarily to sperm concentration.
  • Using WiFi can also reduce the total number of motile sperm.
  • Research is ongoing, but until proven otherwise, it is recommended that men with subfertility problems do not want to keep their cell phones in their front pocket near their testicles.
  • Most of the radiation exposure occurs during speaking mode, but cell phones still periodically emit radiation when not in use.
  • When a mobile phone and an ordinary metal object such as a key or a metal trouser zipper are in close proximity, the amount of radiation absorbed in the leg and testicle roughly doubles.
  • Researchers found significantly more DNA fragmentation in sperm exposed to cell phone radiation within an hour of exposure. The effect is so dramatic that after trying to get pregnant women do not want to put their cell phones in their own pockets for a few days so as not to further endanger the sperm.

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