COVID-19 booster shots for all Americans from September 20th

HealthDay News – After concluding that a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine is needed to tackle declining immunity in fully vaccinated people, the Biden government said Wednesday that it will offer booster vaccinations to all Americans starting September 20 .

The plan, which at this point includes only the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, calls for Americans to receive a booster eight months after their second dose. Officials said they expect people who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will need a booster dose, but they are still reviewing the dates on that and will announce plans at a later date.

The first booster injections will be given to nursing home residents, health workers and emergency services. Next up would be the elderly, who were at the forefront with vaccinations late last year, followed by the general population.

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“Our top priority remains staying one step ahead of the virus and protecting the American people from COVID-19 with safe, effective, and long-lasting vaccines, especially in the context of an ever-changing virus and epidemiological landscape,” the said joint statement. “We will continue to monitor science on a daily basis and stand ready to change this plan should new data emerge that warrants it.”

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