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Couple celebrate Carlisle yoga studio success

A couple celebrates two years since taking over a yoga studio in Carlisle.

Yoga Studio Carlisle is owned by Emma and Martin Scott and they are currently enjoying the success of the company.

The studio is located in a 300 year old barn in the heart of the city and offers an extensive schedule with 40 lessons per week.

Experienced teachers offer a variety of different styles of yoga.

Emma said, “We re-launched, renamed and renovated the studio with a £ 10,000 new look that went from drab to fabulous.

“Then we dragged the studio through a Covid pandemic full of bans last year, in which many companies in our industry unfortunately had to close.”

They boosted the yoga business by offering online classes and thanked their staff for all of their hard work.

Emma added, “We don’t just teach yoga classes.

“Martin and I dedicate our life to the yoga studio.

“We put our heart and soul into our work and are so proud of what we have brought into the studio.”

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