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Complete Guide To Wellness Retreats (& Why You Need One)

Following the covid-19 pandemic that has affected billions of lives and swept the planet, many people started opting for healthier lifestyles, including health-focused vacations. This led to the emergence of a new type of travel that grew in popularity over the last couple of years: wellness travel. This type of vacation includes wellness resorts, hotels with spas, and wellness retreats.

However, many people don’t know the differences between these three types of wellness travel. For instance, a wellness resort focuses on wellbeing and health, while a hotel with a spa is, as the name suggests, a hotel that boasts a spa facility that people can benefit from. However, the most unique of these is the wellness retreat which benefits people the most during their wellness vacation, and here’s what to know about it.

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This Is What A Wellness Retreat Is All About

The various activities and therapies that people undertake to improve their wellbeing are what make a wellness retreat. Depending on one’s tastes and preferences, they can choose the type of wellness retreat that suits them the most. The retreats usually take place in tranquil and serene locations surrounded by nature. While wellness retreats can take place in wellness resorts, city spas, or meditation centers, this is not always the case. This is why wellness resorts are not the same as wellness retreats. However, because such resorts and centers promote relaxation and serenity, they offer a great place for a wellness retreat.

The various types of wellness retreats include surfing retreats, meditation retreats, active running, and much more. People have endless options available to choose from for their wellness retreats.

Usually, wellness retreats feature a fixed schedule that might start with meditation and yoga, and then some energy work, delicious meals, free time, a mindfulness practice, and various other activities.

The most significant difference between wellness retreats and wellness resorts lies in the scheduling. For example, booking a stay in a wellness resort consists of only checking in and spending the rest of the time as one wishes. They can choose the activities they want and spend the time however they wish. On the contrary, the schedule is not free on a wellness retreat, and people will have to follow a specific routine of activities and therapies. Thus, those looking for a structure and proper planning of their time must opt ​​for a wellness retreat.

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Here’s How A Wellness Retreat Benefits One’s Mind, Body, And Soul

Healthy lifestyle wellness retreats offer educational events, rest, an opportunity for enjoyment and relaxation. After all, spending several days in a serene and scenic mountain range or beachfront will help one decompress and release stress. They will forget about the strains and worries of a hectic life schedule. Another unique benefit of a wellness retreat is that it helps people rejuvenate in a supportive environment because all their preferences and desires will be met throughout their stay in a holistic retreat destination.

The relaxing Pilates, gentle resistance stretching, and yoga sessions will improve one’s wellbeing and help them regain their natural sense of physical balance. Also, on a wellness retreat, people will have the chance to meet with other like-minded human beings who want to reconnect with their spiritual essence and inner selves. The pure diet offered on wellness retreats will help one gain many nutritional benefits. They will have the option to choose from various nutritional juicing diets, vegan choices, and macrobiotic or vegetarian menus.

In short, a wellness retreat helps one socialize with like-minded people in peace while revitalizing the body, mind, and psyche.

Here’s Where To Go For The Ultimate Wellness Retreat

Many world destinations are perfect for an ideal wellness retreat. For instance, people can enjoy a unique stay in the famous Kamalaya in Koh Samui, Thailand. This place is known for its holistic treatments, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy. When spending a wellness retreat in this iconic resort, people enjoy the most mesmerizing sunsets on the island.

  • Wellness programs: Kamalaya in Thailand offers various wellness programs, including Emotional Balance, Stress & Burnout, Yoga, Detox, Structural Revival, Optimal Fitness, Sleep Retreat, and others.

Another perfect place for a wellness retreat is Aro Ha in Glenorchy, New Zealand. This retreat will help vitalize one’s body and mind. People can enjoy the yummiest vegetarian meals at this place. They will also witness a transformation on a mental and physical level. It is worth spending around five to seven days during a wellness retreat at Glenorchy’s Aro Ha.

Other iconic wellness retreats include Amanpuri in Thailand’s Phuket, Six Senses Douro Valley in Portugal, Fivelements in Bali, Golden Door in California’s San Marcos, SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain’s Alicante, and others.

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