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by Vijaya Chandrasoma

The trial of George Floyd’s murder began last Monday when police officer Derek Chauvin was charged with accidental second degree and third degree murder of a black man arrested on suspicion of using a forged $ 20 bill. He was murdered in the gruesome act of Chauvin, who nonchalantly laid his white knee on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes while keeping the camera in view.

In the United States, the laws and penalties for murder vary by jurisdiction. Under Minnesota law, which puts chauvin on trial, “accidental second degree murder” is generally defined as “unintentional unintentional killing aimed only at causing bodily harm and showing extreme indifference to human life.” . The third degree is that murder is based on no intention of killing and is often charged as a “corrupt crime, crime of heart or mind.”

Both allegations certainly do not confirm the video’s evidence that Chauvin’s actions were only intended to cause assault. He held his knee to Floyd’s neck for three minutes after he was told Floyd had no pulse. And to accuse him of third degree murder for having no intention of killing is ridiculous, though there’s no doubt that Chauvin has a depraved heart and mind.

There were no charges that Floyd’s murder was a hate crime, although Chauvin had 18 past complaints of brutality primarily against the black community on his police record. Complaints that were dismissed with barely a blow on the wrist.

The Minneapolis court was shown new footage of Floyd’s behavior at the Cup Foods supermarket prior to his arrest. It was evident that he was up, laughing and talking to people and walking around, but never in a threatening way. He had a very cordial conversation with the young cashier, 19-year-old Christopher Martin, who sold him the cigarettes and accepted the $ 20 bill that he later thought was fake. Martin passed on his suspicions to the manager, but said, “Mr. Floyd didn’t seem to know that it was a fake note. “Martin told the manager that according to the rules of the business, he was ready to let this go and” put the $ 20 on his bill. ” He said he did this because Floyd was a regular. However, the manager ordered Martin to ask Floyd, who was getting into his vehicle, to come back. Martin carried out the order, but Floyd refused. At that point, another employee called the police.

Mr. Martin, who witnessed the arrest, told the court that he felt “disbelief, sadness and guilt” because “if I had simply not accepted the bill it could have been avoided”.

Charles McMillian, another witness who spoke on Wednesday, was the first to see Floyd’s arrest. He told the court that he “had a conversation with Floyd and asked him to get into the police car”. He recalls feeling “helpless” when the police handcuffed him to the floor without resisting arrest or in any way violent. He can be heard on a video telling Chauvin, “Your knee on his neck, that’s wrong, man”.

McMillian burst into tears on the stand when the court was shown footage of the arrest and subsequent murder. In this footage, Floyd asks the police, “Please don’t shoot me … I just lost my mother.” After being handcuffed, he continues pleading, saying he will not oppose the arrest and will “do whatever you tell me”.

Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, argued that Floyd’s autopsy showed he was in poor health and had a history of drug use and “had a mixture of opioids in his system at the time of death; that he may have died of a drug overdose and cardiac arrhythmia ”at the time Chauvin knelt his life openly. That the force used was reasonable.

A similar defense was presented in the murder case by Dr. Martin Luther King applied when the defense attorney argued that his autopsy showed that King, a 39-year-old man, had the heart of a 60-year-old. The result was that Dr. King suffered a massive heart attack the moment the bullet from James Earl Ray’s bullet struck his left cheek!

The damn evidence against Derek Chauvin’s brutality continued. His supervisor explained that the moment Floyd was handcuffed and lying on the floor, Chauvin should stop using force without showing resistance. The paramedic, who arrived minutes later, said, “Floyd was dead when he arrived,” and had to ask Chauvin to leave Floyd so he could access the patient.

Day four of the trial began with the emotional testimony of Floyd’s three-year-old friend Courteney Ross. She gave perhaps the most compelling evidence against Chauvin, talking about Floyd’s love for his daughters and grief after his mother’s recent death, his love of all kinds of exercise, and her struggles with opioid addiction. Floyd and Ross had both tried to give up their opioid addiction several times, which had both started to take prescription pain medication to relieve the pain they had suffered in the past. She said Floyd was hospitalized for a drug overdose a month earlier. “It’s a classic story about how many people become addicted to opioids. We both suffer from chronic pain, me in my neck and he in my back. “

Ross said they were “very close” and saw each other every day until his death. She humanized Floyd and shared his love for his daughters and the sadness he felt for his mother at their recent death. They used to “spend time outdoors walking through the city’s sculpture garden”. They also shared a love of good food and ate a lot.

The concept of “humanizing” a black person is important. American society has always dehumanized African Americans with the idea that black people are dangerous and subhuman. They use their black skin as a weapon, they should be treated differently by society and pose a threat to society. The entire black community and minorities in America are demanding that they be treated like normal people with human weaknesses. They are only demanding that they be given the same protection under the law, just like a white man, just like any other person who succeeds, who stumbles.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who represents Floyd’s family, issued a statement following Ross’ testimony.

“As the defense tries to construct the narrative that George Floyd’s cause of death was the fentanyl in his system, we want to remind the world who watched his death on video that George was walking, talking, laughing and breathing well before Derek Chauvin it held his knee to George’s neck which is blocking his ability to breathe and wiping his life out for all to see … We are confident that the jury will overlook this and get to the truth – that George Floyd would have seen another day if Derek Chauvin hadn’t brutally ended his life in front of a crowd of witnesses and begged for his life. “

Most of you would have forgotten the April 1996 riots in Los Angeles when four police officers, three of whom are known to be the fourth Latino, were acquitted of the brutal beatings on Rodney King, an African American who led the police at high speed hunting Los Angeles. When he was finally stopped, King was ordered out of the car. Although he offered little resistance when he was arrested, he was hit by two high-voltage tasers and then kicked and beaten with metal sticks for 15 minutes, watched by more than a dozen police officers who did nothing to stop the brutality.

These 15 minutes, illuminated by the floodlights of a police helicopter hovering overhead, were captured by a spectator in front of the camera. The graphic video was broadcast in homes across the nation and around the world.

In a subsequent negligence lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles, King claimed he suffered “11 fractures of the skull, permanent brain damage, broken bones and teeth, kidney failure, and emotional and physical trauma.” For an alleged misdemeanor.

Rodney King wasn’t an angel. He was on probation for robbery and was driving under the influence when he was arrested. He was eventually charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), an offense. In defending the officers who defeated King within an inch of his life, the regular framework used by the police to justify the racial brutality was used: covering up the attack, devaluing the target, reinterpreting events, using official channels, and intimidating witnesses. This tactic worked, the officers were acquitted of a brutal attack the world had seen.

There are all indications that this strategy is being used in defense of Derek Chauvin to get him a light sentence. For a sadistic, blatant hate murder carried out in full view of the world.

The judiciary in America has taken some very strange turns in the past. The outcome of the George Floyd case could reverse the course of the ongoing brutality of law enforcement against minorities, particularly African Americans. However, if Chauvin, who committed a murder of the greatest hatred in full view of the world, gets away with an acquittal or light sentence, there is little doubt that there will be riots nationwide in Black Lives Matter, the BLM riots Be dwarfed by last summer right after Floyd’s murder. And make the 1996 Rodney King riot in Los Angeles look like a stroll in the park.

The process will continue and is expected to take at least a month.

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